MotoGP 14 Review | The Vita Lounge

A review of Milestone's MotoGP 14 for the PS Vita from The Vita Lounge.
The game proves to be both challenging and rewarding to veterans of the genre and newbies alike.

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teflontactics1467d ago

Sweet, thanks for the review Brad - now us North Americans will know whether to buy it when it comes out here next month. :)

vongruetz1467d ago

You're funny in thinking this game is actually coming out here. It's going to be like Invizimals, often promised but never delivered.

Scatpants1466d ago

didn't this just come out in the US last week, or was that MotoGP13?

ruefrak1466d ago

You're thinking MotoGP 13.
That confused me too and I thought it was a mistake or a typo. Europe gets MotoGP 14 and we get last years release.
But they said somewhere that 14 will be coming to the US in September.

TylerOlthoff1467d ago

Great review! Showed my friend who's very interested in this game!