What We Want In: Sony's GamesCom 2014 Showing

Just when you thought the heat from E3 was simmering down and gaming news was set to settle down to a state of normality GamesCom 2014 comes along. Germany once again plays host to Europe’s largest gaming convention, one that is constantly growing in since and may in the upcoming years even surpass E3 in its presence. As we count down to the big event we count down five things that we want from Sony in their GamesCom 2014 showing.

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Nathan1701382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

What I want:
Uncharted 4 gameplay( at least more than a teaser)
Media Molecule new game
Until Dawn
New IP
AAA games for Ps Plus(i like Indies but for me they are only the dessert which is not bad)
Details on Ps Now prices
A small update on Games for Morpheus and move together
PS Home for ps4(it is good for a 10 minute break now and then)
teaser for new Guerrilha game
New update available after the conference with all the features we want especially themes.
Bloodborne gameplay and release date
Order gameplay and release date
What I don't want:
Sales figures
Too much time on Morpheus,Ps Now and Indies

All_Consoles1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Don't get your hopes up too high

Nathan1701382d ago

That's I want to see but I'm sure we will see probably half of that stuff.(or less)
I'll be happy If we get more UC4 info.

BiggerBoss1382d ago

I have a feeling that Sony will reveal whatever Killstrain is, being that we've already seen the other two trademarks they filed (bloodborne and entwined)

colonel1791382d ago

"New update available after the conference with all the features we want especially themes"

Knowing Sony, not going to happen. If they do release a new update around that time, it will have just two or three "new" features (returning from PS3).

Rimeskeem1382d ago

If i were you I would keep it more simple much

medman1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I like your list, just wanted to let you know The Order:1886 has a release's February 20, 2015..or so they said..that date is a friday, a few days before The Witcher 3's release. The only thing I would add to your list is more No Man's Sky and a release date for that beauty, though I know that is highly improbable.

Nathan1701381d ago

Even better.Now we just need Bloodborne release date
Regarding,No Man's Sky I'm still on the fence.It looks very good,but I still don't know if the gameplay will be good.
It kinda reminds me of Proteus but with much bigger ambitions.It could well be the game that proves why Indies(the great ones) are as good if not better than AAA games.

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Chuk51382d ago

Show me Rime and more LBP3, maybe unveil guerilla's next thing and/or talk about until dawn. That makes it all square for me personally.

colonel1791382d ago

I really hope Rime is there! The trailer looked awesome!

colonel1791382d ago

I want games that can only be done on PS4! Sony has been focusing on indies too much, and I don't have a problem with Indie games themselves, but that they are games that can be done on weaker platforms. If only there were powerful indie games.

It's not even about AAA games, but why have a powerful console, if they are going to make cross-gen games and indies? I know that they fill the void between AAA releases, but there are so many, that doesn't seem that way anymore. Also they need to stop with cross-gen games. LBP 3 should be their last! (at least from Sony).

When PS3 was announced, there were so many games announcements, and most of them were truly next-gen games.

With my rant over. Realistically, I think we are going to see more of the games from E3. We will likely see more of LBP 3, Bloodborne, definitely more of The Order 1886 and Drive Club, No Man's Sky, etc. I think the conference is going to be more of a summary from E3. However, there have been new games announcements on Gamescon, even hardware revision announcements, so I do expect surprises. I just really hope that new announcements are not indies, and as I said, games that are only possible on PS4, and not PS3, PS2, iPhone, etc.

I also want at least one announcement of a Vita game.

Strangelover1382d ago

I agree with what you are saying but don't get your hopes up too high. The good thing is: last week PS4 in Europe outsold itself in the US, Europe is becoming even more important market for Sony, so I expect a few surprises too. Maybe Media Molecule's game and Quantic Dream's project

HentaiMasterRace1382d ago

I want to see some Vita love. inFamous Vita would be the way to go.

CervantesPR1382d ago

ok my predictions:

Media molecule new IP
guerilla games CGI trailer?
bloodborne gameplay
the order 1886 gameplay duh
Hd remasters? GT6? beyond 2 souls?
ps vita love
PS4 update regarding youtube etc
another uncharted trailer?

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