Has Okami held up over the years?

Has the classic videogame, Okami, held up in quality over the past several years?

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Dark_Overlord1322d ago

Hell yes!

It's still a joy to play today, a masterpiece of a game from Clover (I refuse to forgive Capcom for closing them :_( )

Rainbowcookie1322d ago

I mean it as a bit of fresh air in a stale part of gaming.

kingxtreme811322d ago


I wish they'd put it on PS4, XBO and Wii U just to give it more exposure, especially during some of the slow release times, like right now.

Chard1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

A Wii U version could actually make good use of the touch screen. Okami U needs to become a thing.

Maybe even include a HD version of Okamiden on the same disc.

1080p, smooth framerate, rice paper filter, and options for standard/touch/motion control = take my money

kingxtreme811322d ago

You're absolutely right.

As great as Okami HD would be on PS4 and XBO, the Wii U Game Pad could take it to new heights.

As an owner of all three, should the game release on those platforms, I would likely opt for the Wii U version.

rezzah1322d ago

The game was long, i expected 10 hours but got over 20 from it. Plus i rushed the second half, avoiding side missions, items, and new skills.

I was told it plays like Zelda.

Fullmetalevolust1322d ago

The game's art style is timeless!
It still performs well and I remember dashing through fields and the framerate stayed constant.
I'd sometimes just stop and stare at the scenery, it definitely feeds the argument that games can be art!

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The story is too old to be commented.