Paul McCartney Will Release Destiny 'Theme Song' as a Single

According to the New York Times, Sir Paul McCartney will release the main theme song for Destiny as a single later in the year.

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Agent2009897d ago

That's like your opinion, man.

dcj0524897d ago

Destiny has a theme? Cool

The_Eternal_one897d ago

Well unless you live with your grandmother who really cares about this?

Swiggins897d ago

One of the most celebrated musicians in human history is writing a theme song for a video game....oh yeah, no big deal.

Heisenburger897d ago

I thought his most recent album was pretty damn good. And I'm twenty-five, never was a fan of the Beatles.

That man can write some jams.

fr0sty897d ago

That old man is still writing music that is many times better than the garbage that is popular these days.

ScottyHoss897d ago

Finally someone who realizes everything past the 90s is sh*t lol

MysticStrummer897d ago

Music is indeed in a sad state these days.

I'm surprised to hear of this McCartney connection, but I'm interested. He is one of the great songwriters.

NegativeCreep427897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

This is fine news and all, but come on Paul! Get back with Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear and do an actual full-fledged "Sirvana" album. A Nirvana reunion album with Paul would be the greatest thing.

Just like in the 90's, Modern-day popular rock should and needs to be turned up and over onto its pathetic, emo metrosexual head.

TheBoy897d ago

Can't wait to download it for free...

SoulMikeY897d ago

People like you are why I hate the new generation. Maybe someday "the boy" will become a man and stop stealing shit like a f*** boy thug wannabe...

This little douche-bag I work with told me he hasn't paid for a song in 4 years.... And yet has been getting newly released music. I can't stand these retards.

TheBoy897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

lol paying for music, no thanks. I'm not apart of this "new" generation, I just not going to waste my hard earned money on music I can get for free.

scark92897d ago

I would only pay for a song that I really like or an artist I support, let people do their thing... If we paid for every song an artist released, the music industry will be worse.. With artists releasing Half-assed tracks.

LordMaim896d ago

I hope that one day you do something worthwhile for profit, so that people can steal it from you as your karmic reward.

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