Killing Floor 2′s Bullets, Blades, and Blood made my nose bleed | Rely on Horror

Rely on Horror: After spawning a SCAR, the player used another command to initiate the slo-mo “Zed time” and show us that enemies consist of nineteen different chunks that are just waiting to be blown apart in a multitude of ways. Where as the first game had five points of dismemberment per enemy, now each enemy’s head alone has five points. Shoot a skull enough and you’ll reveal brain cross-sections.

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Jadenkorr0211350d ago

I can NOT wait for this game!! Looking forward to it so much!!!

FlyingFoxy1350d ago

So ready for this, looks a lot more polished than the first game and i've played that tons.

ninjahunter1350d ago

My flesh is ready to be.... Well, you know.