Video Games And The Irish Connection

Irish culture and the gaming industry has a rich history, from the games themselves to the companies that have a hand in making them.

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scark921444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Very Interesting Article, I was always aware of Havok being Irish but did learn some stuff I did not know and such, I am surprised there was no mention of the game Folklore which is set in Ireland.

the_mack_attack31444d ago

It's like I had a brain fart man haha, completely forgot about Folklore...rectified anyway, sound for the heads up!

asmith23061443d ago

I always though it was pretty cool that Havoc was founded by two lecturers from the computer science department in Trinity College. Must have started out as a research project!

scark921442d ago

Yeah, and the amount of AAA games that utilize it, makes me proud. :')

generic-user-name1442d ago

I know Gerry down the town sells them, has a face like a bursht mattress, can't miss him.

the_mack_attack31442d ago

Any chance he could swap four Meow Meows for a week of picking stones? I good for it like boi!