The good and the bad of PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now has a great library, but the pricing might sabotage this ambitious program.

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ColManischewitz1471d ago

Wish this was a subscription service.

wolfcreek1470d ago

Sony has made it clear there will be a subscription service. Whats baffling about the prices is many of the games were free on ps3 plus and yet if you don't have your ps3 ( traded mine for ps4) your still have to pay ,that should be fix as a work around . I was in the closed betas and never saw the graphics being as bad as quoted. The Ps now works really well.

darkronin2291471d ago

Forgot where I read it, but isn't the pricing dictated by the publishers? They're ridiculous either way.

midnightambler1471d ago

The pricing sucks. I really hope Sony is listening to all the feedback and taking note, otherwise PlayStation Now will be dead in the water.

XxExacutionerxX1470d ago

The whole service is ugly!!

Spotie1470d ago

The ugly is folks like Exacutioner trolling with no understanding of what Now is.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised... Well, maybe I'm more disappointed than surprised.

HanzoHattori1470d ago

I don't think Playstation Now is targeting people who have a console. I think they're targeting people who Sony devices that are capable of connecting to the internet; SmartTvs, smartphones, and potential Playstation TV customers.

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The story is too old to be commented.