Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets Massive Anniversary Celebration With Events, Free Play & More

If you love Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (and you very well should), Square Enix is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of the game (which launched on August 27th) with a massive array of events spanning August and September.

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Magicite1199d ago

yes! gonna enjoy those two weeks!

joab7771199d ago

Love this game, though TLOU has me tied up for a few days, lol!

ThanatosDMC1199d ago

Great game. Find me in Zalera, Thanatos Kurogane. I craft all day while working IRL.

Darth Gamer1199d ago

I'm in Zaleria too. Great game. my one character is a level 31 Thaumaturge, Level 19 conjurer, Level 12 Archer and Level 9 Fisher.

ThanatosDMC1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Nice. I'm 93 sch, 88 smn, 52 cul, 52, alc, 42 wvr, 26 thau, 21 cnj, 20 fsh, 14 mrd, 11 arc, 11 lnc, and some disciple of the hand I started.

Add me later when I get on. If you're not in an FC, join us if you want. I'll help you out.

belac091199d ago

im so hooked on this game, finally got my first item lvl 110 gear piece. im so happy.

Shuyin1199d ago

I haven't played this game since my subscription ran out right aftet launch. I will gladly return for a while..