The 10 Most Expensive Games Ever Made

Video games are one of the most popular entertainment options in the world. The high potential for success has led several developers to deeply invest in the creation of one game. These are the 10 most expensive video games ever made.

sammyspam633d ago

Definitely no surprises on this list, always good to see the dollar values behind some of the great games though.

DefenderOfDoom2633d ago

Kudos for putting the whole list on 1 page ! Yeah, i think that DESTINY will get back the 500million . They need to sell around 8.5 to 10 million copies . I think they will end up selling between 13 to 16 million copies of DESTINY .

Metallox633d ago

I thought Bungie clarified the game didn't cost 500 millions of dollars?

kingdom18633d ago

I think the 500 million includes marketing perhaps, not sure.

Nicolee632d ago

Its on going project plan for 10years, like cost of DLC, Marketing , server etc.

TRD4L1fe632d ago

i believe i saw somewhere that it costed around 300 mil but forgot where i saw it

mayberry633d ago

Wasn't Gran Turismo 5 rumored to cost 200mil? Not on the list though......

Melankolis633d ago

It wasn't, GT5's budget only 60m, surprised?..

mayberry633d ago

Not suprised at all. I was just trying to remember a fact I thought I read somewhere. Sorry for my bad memory.....

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fOrlOnhOpe57632d ago

Didn't Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning cost $150 million and sink Big Huge Games and 38 studios?

InTheLab632d ago

No. The MMO 38 Studios were bumbling about with for years before acquiring Big Huge games and Amalur...

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