CliffyB Wants to Re-Earn The Trust of Gamers with Blue Streak; Talks Keyboard and Mouse and More

Cliff Bleszinski has recently unveiled his news studio, Boss Key Productions, and his new project, named Blue Streak, and today he sent out the first installment of the studio’s mailing list, talking about what’s going on at the studio, the developers he’s hiring and the ones he has his eyes on.

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-Foxtrot1383d ago

You lost my trust with it being free to play

You had next gen tec waiting for you to come back and you decide to do a F2P game.

What was the point of coming back.

Godmars2901383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

He has to be using some kind of word-a-day for PR people thing. Not listening to anything before he makes a statement.

But to answer your question: money and/or popularity. He wants to use the value of his name for profit, and to rub elbow with others in the industry.

Askanison41383d ago

... and maybe also make a game? I'm sure he's in the business because he enjoys it.

As for the F2P - the model has worked in some cases. I've really enjoyed games like Age Of Empires: Online and Battlefield Heroes so I won't rule anything out without considering it.

Not sure why anyone would have any misgivings - the game literally doesn't exist in any playable capacity yet. There's nothing to dislike.

guitarded771382d ago

Gamers in general are partly responsible for the F2P model taking off. The microtransactions have meant high profits for mid level expense.

One problem is there are many teen gamers. Teens have a lower disposable income and look for free things since they can't go out and buy every game. So if a mediocre F2P offers them the fun and social experience for free, why buy something better? They'll spend $2 here, or $5 there to get a costume to impress their friends.

I just hope the bubble bursts soon. It's always something taking money from what we know as gaming. It was music games, motion controlled consoles, it was mobile gaming, now it's F2P and next VR. There will always be some fad money maker which will be temporary, but the heart of gaming will always be the big titles that offer a premium gaming experience.

Silly gameAr1383d ago

Nothing is wrong with F2P games if they are done right.

jdiggitty1382d ago

How well is Loadout doing? I love that game. Hope their F2P model is working for them.

Edvin19841382d ago

I agree and am very excited for this. I miss the old school style of games, and tried Quake 3 arena the other day and it just would not run right on my PC. I have a very high end system, but I think the game just is a mess with this hardware of today.

RadioActiveTwinky1383d ago

He said it himself on a tweet. Money. Ill look for it and post it.

RIP_Cell1383d ago

he's making a game he wants to make, don't like it? don't play it

XiMasterChief1382d ago

Sure he's making a game he wants to make but people can hate on it if they want.

-Foxtrot1382d ago


Wouldn't say it's "hating"...just disappointment.

Unreal Tournament...Gears of "this".

SuperBlur1382d ago

brace yourself for the pile of disagrees, his fangirls dont appreciate anything negative towards him

Big_Game_Hunters1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

what is wrong with F2P? DOTA2 is F2P and is a more complete game at 0$ than 95% of 60$ retail games.

I'm not surprised that the first thing someone is complaining about is the graphics before we even see the game...i guess that's just this new generation of gamers for you.

-Foxtrot1382d ago

Who said anything about graphics?

"DOTA2 is F2P"

DoTA2 also has Valve behind you know.

Big_Game_Hunters1382d ago

"You have next gen tech behind" = graphics.

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BattleN1382d ago

CliffY B you should create a Gears of War killer but with cyborgs Ok!

LAWSON721382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I am all for Cliffy B making an arena shooter Halo is the only big arena shooter right now (though I think Gears maybe considered an arena shooter) and the subgenre could use some variety. Hopefully this and the revival of UT impress. As for those complaining about F2P, arena shooters can not be pay to win or else it would not be an arena shooter, everybody starts a match with the same abilities and weapons (equal opportunity and no specializations) and the match is based around weapon placement which affect how players play. The only way to make money is with ascetics and a good F2P game can get around this with plenty of other attractive unlocks or everything unlockable by playing a lot of the game. IF any shooter can pull off F2P well it is definitely an arena shooter

shadowraiserx1382d ago

The only way I can trust him is by being out of the gaming industry forever ,just retire cliffy go work in a mc donals or something like that.

BiggerBoss1382d ago

No comments you make are ever constructive. They're always either off topic, trolling, or just pointless comments.

OT: I need to see some of this game and learn more about its F2p model before I pass judgement. This guy does have a pretty good track record though so...

shadowraiserx1382d ago

People like him and FEZ are just cancer for the industry any other dev with their attitude and the way they approach the consumer ,lost my support.I dont care if GOW is good or not,if they are pro digital only = (no trade ,collect or sell value)I like options and I prefer a Disk in a box.

Imagine if the Nes ,Sega masters ,snes and genesis systems were digital only.

jollygoodchap81382d ago

Not on this site full of bandwagon CliffyB haters.

OrangePowerz1382d ago

I don't think anybody can deny that he comes across as a huge douchebag. While he did some good work before Gears of War he is the embodiment of bro dude.

LAWSON721382d ago

"he did some good work before Gears of War"

Gears of War was good work

jollygoodchap81382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

He's done good work (Jack, Unreal tournament and Gears)and now he is somehow nullified by Douchebaggery? I personally don't like his attitude but I respect him for his work toward the industry. I don't condemn him and all his works like a "douchebag" over a few comments.

Honestly he should at least have some benefit of the doubt for his new game instead of the douchebag hate on this site.

Devs that got one hit under their belt are praised to high heavens. Yet he had several hits...And he's destroyed cus of what? talent? failure?.....NO! "douchebaggery"!

grow up

Silly gameAr1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

He's outspoken and comes off as kind of a douche sometimes as Orange points out, but no one can deny the work that he's put into the gaming industry and I respect him for that.

So, if his game goes beyond PC gaming one day or if he decides to work on a game that comes out for the inferior console lame-o's like myself, I'll give it a fair try.

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