The 15 biggest games of Gamescom 2014

GamesRadar - Gamescom is brilliant. Not only is it every bit the (very loud) European answer to E3, but in many ways, it's also better. Justin has filled you in on the many, many reasons that the German expo is the cooler show to be at, but for the dedicated craver of game-facts, one factor rises above all others. While E3 is the place for reveals and exciting flashy trailers, GC is where you get the meat.

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CaspuR1506d ago

i have to wait all the way till TGS for persona 5 news. siigh

DCfan1506d ago

I have to wait many uncountable years to hear news of any mainline SMT game again.
Maybe in 10 years

BiggCMan1506d ago

No Metal Gear or Guerrilla's new game?? Dafuq? I find it ridiculous to consider 2 Assassin's Creed games coming at the same time is "big".

To me it's pathetic and taking advantage of people because they know it will sell. I'm rather surprised it took them so long to do it, and more surprised that Call of Duty hasn't done it yet.

FullmetalRoyale1506d ago

I do not see how, in any way/shape/form/ two Assassin's Creed games releasing could be misconstrued as "pathetic". One is for the millions(AND MILLIONS!!) of last-gen users, while the other is obviously for the people fortunate enough to find themselves in a financial situation which allocates the purchase of brand new hardware.

AC is a huge seller, hence it is big.
It's okay not to like a series. But CoD has done the opposite of what you claim to be surprised that they have not done yet. As opposed to pumping out more and more, they've actually pulled the reigns in a bit, allowing their devs to now have full three year cycles to create their CoD. If you're going to release annual game, that is the way to do it, imo. I can't imagine how much better Madden/Fifa would be if every annual game that releases had been in development for three years. Sorry for trailing off there, friend.

Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago

Hope we see more UC4 and whatever MM is working on. Not sure if Nintendo will have a large presence at gamescon but I would love to see more Zelda Wiiu if just another teaser trailer. But the most hype thing about this gamescon i would say is easily all the source2 rumours that have been going around.

700p1505d ago

Im excited to see what QB has in store.