The Xbox One is no longer worthwhile to the multiplatform buyer

GearNuke: "Last Gen I did most of my gaming on the Xbox 360 and towards the 2nd half of the generation bought a Wii and PS3 for their exclusives. It was pretty clear from the get go that multi-platform games looked and performed better on the Xbox 360 than they did on the PS3. PS3 exclusives obviously were much better comparatively but the relative easiness developing for the Xbox 360 made sure that most if not all multi-platform were better on the Xbox."

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XiMasterChief1104d ago

Can we stop getting articles like this. The only console is Ouya.

NatureOfLogic_1104d ago

Why? Will this article make you enjoy your console any less? PS3 got a lot hate last gen. I didn't stop enjoying my console for one second though. I also don't remember crying about every negative PS3 article like Xbox fans do a lot. I would just provide a counter argument and then go about my day. If you don't agree with article at least attempt to provide a counter argument instead of complaining about the number of articles that you don't agree with.

ABizzel11104d ago


I must say I didn't agree with it when it was happening to the PS3 either, although I eventually ended up owning all 3 (sold the Wii). But I will say you are completely right. When this was happening to the PS3 I really didn't care. I ignored it, posted counter arguments, and went about my business.

The PS3 had no games was always shut down by me, and people would try their best to argue against it, and it would always come down to well it doesn't have Halo 3, Bioshock, Gears, and Mass Effect. Meanwhile I was enjoying Warhawk, Uncharted, Ratchet, God of War 2 (PS2 game), Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Heavenly Sword, and Resistance.


Unfortunately the internet is full of trolls, and you're just going to have to put your big boy pants on and get past it. If you see the troll headline, skip it. If you see false information post facts in the comments, and report it.

@People who trolled the PS3 early on
It's unfortunate, but this is a lesson in Karma, and once you start a bad habit you should expect it back 10 fold, and that's what's happening here.

BX811104d ago

I agree, I don't get it at all. All 3 consoles are worth getting at this point. This gen is gearing up to be fun as hell

Brim1104d ago


Idc what system you own there is no way anyone should disagree with that post

thrust1104d ago

Each console has a game that you want to have for your self!

Wii U has games like mario kart
PS4 has games like uncharted
Xbox has games like halo

You get want I mean tho, each console has exclusive games you want and that's why any person who likes playing games will allways buy every console that is released.

Last gen I owned 3 ps3s, 4 xbox 360s and 2 wiis.

Sheikh Yerbouti1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Fo'shizzel ABizzel!

People complain about PS3 fanboys, but I always said it was just payback from early last gen when EVERYBODY (esp. media) took a crap on the PS3...until the PS3 devs caught up with the hardware and PS3 took a crap on the 360 with lost exclusives and better graphics on its myriad of 1st party titles. And the 360 fanboys had to choke on crow.

PS4 is out, and they're STILL coughing out feathers. They should take heart that what we read from today's fanboys is childish and spiteful and may in no way reflect the tomorrow's reality. I felt bad about having a PS3...until I played Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword was and still is an awesome game. It shown the PS3 was every bit as good if not better than 360...although I heard all the time the 360 had better graphics. Too bad many skipped out of the PS3 and it may never resurface as an IP.

redwin1104d ago

I have them both and if my Xbox one brakes, I would difinetly get another. Nowhere in this article he said he has them both and he has played them both and he prefers one over the other.,

CorndogBurglar1104d ago

I'm pretty sure he was just joking around. The dead giveaway is when he mentioned the friggin' OUYA!

Tctczach1104d ago

I love that you use the hate on the PS3 from 8(?) years ago to justify the Xbox One hate. Grow up.

horndog1104d ago

Why?? Because it isn't news. These OPINIONS are getting pretty old and fast. Go play some indies.

XiMasterChief1104d ago

No, because we articles like the time. Also why is it you had to bring up the this?

Potnoodle9991103d ago

Very well said sir! People like to act like trolls are a new thing but xbox is getting exactly the same treatment as the ps3 got :) It's just a different set of trolls, but some people have valid arguments and I think that all of this negative reception to the xbox one is justified because it happened exactly the same last gen :D
(haha I couldn't resist...)

Dontworrybhappy1103d ago

I think its more of a, "I'm tired of seeing the exact same fucking news stories everyday". At least that's how I feel. What happened to the games man?! All I see is people talking about resolution, exclusives, and the damn console wars anymore. I miss my gaming site. :(

VegasDawg1103d ago

When you come to this site; Is your eyes closed? This place is loaded with nothing but whiny PS fans lol. People like you confound me. It's right in front of you but you can't see it.

Seafort1103d ago

@VegasDawg It wasn't when I first joined this site. It was an Xbox stronghold. That's when the PS3 was getting all the stick from xbox fanboys and the media.

Karma's a bitch and now the shoe is on the other foot the xbox fanboys don't like it.

I'm in neither camp as I'm a PC gamer and hated by both sides :P

starchild1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

That's funny. Anybody that was around on N4G at the beginning of last gen can tell you that the Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys dished it out to each other pretty equally. The Sony fanboys weren't the innocent victims they try to portray themselves as.

The PS3 was my favorite console last generation and the PS4 is my favorite console this generation, but I honestly don't think the hate the PS3 got from Microsoft fanboys and the media was even half as bad as the hate towards the XB1 today.

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nicksetzer11104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

This article is absolutely hilarious, PS3 must not have been worthwhile either right? As it had a lower res and framerate on most multiplats, especially early on. Nowhere near as many titles shared full parity (natively) between last gen as have this gen so far.

@augmentedadplum Sadly the only ones who seem worried about the disparity (whcih is occurring less and less often) are PS owners, you seem to think the xbox owners are upset about it....

ABizzel11104d ago

Unjust or not (in most cases unjust) that was the opinion of many at the time about the PS3, until Sony proved that the PS3 was powerful, was worth it, and had amazing exclusives.

But that original stigma burned the PS3 in the US, where the masses are generally uninformed and just go with whatever they here rather than try to experience things for themselves, and it never really recovered there until the PS4.

Unfortunately for MS they're in a similar position, except the hardware performance battle can't be won by them, which is why they need to win the PRICE and games battle like they were doing with the 360 early on.

NatureOfLogic_1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

As someone who has never owned a Xbox before, I'd say the same was true for PS3 last gen. I just had deal with and still enjoy the multiplat games for what they were. Xbox fans seem to have a hard time doing that.

MysticStrummer1104d ago

"PS3 must not have been worthwhile either right?"

Whether it was or wasn't to each individual there were plenty of articles saying it wasn't. XB1 will see a lot more hate/doom articles before it catches PS3.

gootimes1104d ago


Obviously Xbox fans are upset about the disparity, how many people on these forums bring up the fact that the disparity is "Occurring less and less often" and cloud this, dx12 that SDK this. PS3 fans dealt with it in a mature way and X1 fans can't move on. Obviously PS4 will have a hardware advantage through it's life, meaning in one way or another games will play a bit differently on it, not necessarily just a res difference.

strangeaeon1103d ago

What I find amusing is people crying about how bad Xbox 360 fans trolled the PS3 early on, but I was here with a different account and I recall Sony fanboys being even more obnoxious. You guys think you had it bad last gen? Try being a fan of the first Xbox, Sony fans treated us like a pariah back in those days.

metalmatters1103d ago

@strangeaeon yes but back in the xbox 1 days(the first xbox smh MS -__- even the name...) anyway back then, the internet was not full of n4g sites, yes the first box was sort of hated, but that was because MS was new to the game, everytime a new player comes in, its bound to get some fire. It was more powerful thats for sure, but at that time PS2 had so many exclusives, MS had to show why their box mattered and they failed at that. They caught a brake with the x360 but that was partially cause of Sonys arrogance.

This time around MS thought they had the fanboys in the pocket, that theyd be blind enough to play by their rules MS saw fit like it or not. Turns out we dictate the pace because we are the ones with the money, they forgot about that small detail.

Karma is a Bi*** and now its biting all you xbox fans left and right. PS3 was blasted to hell all last generation, even when it got better in the later years with better exclusives than xbox, it was still getting blasted with the whole cross chat, xlive is better argument. I was there I saw the whole thing unfold, Sony lost millions of customers because of xbox trolls going way out of their way to make sure the PS3 was seen as nothing more than a George Forman grille

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Blaze9291104d ago

lol the Xbox One hate game is TOO strong.

DigitalRaptor1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

If this was a "game", Microsoft would know it and act accordingly.

The article is bit disingenuous, but at the end of the day, this is an industry, and there are often harsh realities to accept.

Back-to-Back1103d ago

More like the XBox One support game is too strong. People like you forget how that console debuted.

eferreira1104d ago

Lol Ouya will rule all. I have one and it's pretty great emulation and streaming machine.

bababrooks1104d ago

This is bull..nada..crap. Games full stop,

reko1104d ago


go play some umm idk you dont have great games.

Evilsnuggle1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I Laugh when xbonefanboys cry about how unfair gamers and the media have been to x1.
The gaming media destroy the PS3 in the early years of its of the PS4 . I didn't care Because preferred OG Xbox over PS2. OG had better multi platform game and my choices of exclusives. Also I was blown away by Halo . And yes the gaming press were doing their job. Sony made a lot of promises That they never delivered On like toy story graphics. Don't get me wrong the cell was cutting edge technology. But not even Sony could utilize the power of the cell CPU. Most game website and gaming media had 2 different reviews of multi platform games and the 360 version was always had a higher reviews score . The gaming media ridiculed PS3 for under preforming verses 360 a lower price console as they should have. But in now the PS4 is far more powerful than the x1 at the same price or a higher price. The PS4 multi platform preform much better than on x1. PS4 has 1080p vs 900p is almost 50% more pixels and 1080p vs 720p is over 125% more pixels. Also multi platform game have higher and better frame rates on PS4. Same review from the so called gaming media for both the PS4 and x1 the so called gaming media. The gaming media never point out the best version of games . The gaming media is not doing their job they should point out every different in multi platform games and help the consumer decide . Help the consumer make it's own intelligent choice. Not worry about offending fan bases or advertisement dollars .

The so called gaming media killed the Sega Saturn Because it's weakness in 3D never in my life have I seen a game console get so much hate as the Sega Saturn. But Microsoft has deep pockets and spend more on advertising than any other company of all times in the gaming industry and the gaming media don't want Microsoft to stop spending money so they turn a bind eye.

marloc_x1104d ago


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