Vigil Games survives Crytek, forms new studio, considers more Darksiders

Vigil Games may have died in the husk of THQ, a victim of a catastrophic video game industry implosion that scattered developers, studios and game franchises across the globe, but the spirit of the studio behind Darksiders, that core team of creators, lived on as Crytek USA.

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camel_toad1502d ago

Right on! Great news. Love Darksiders and really want to see the other 2 horseman's stories.

EdoubleD1502d ago

Was worried for a second there, hopefully we'll hear about a sequel soon.

SpiralTear1502d ago

Talk about an underrated series. Darksiders is awesome. Hoping for a new installment!

LAWSON721502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Come on Nordic games make it happened, they said a while back they would love to have original devs from Vigil work on a Darksiders game and this looks like a good opportunity to make that happen.

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