PSN Top Selling Games of July: Last of Us Remastered Dethroned in US, Dominating EU

Let's look at the top selling PSN games of July, and compare the bread-winners of US and EU sales.

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ABizzel11506d ago

I bought InJustice in that sale as well. A good game, although the cutscenes should have been redone for the PS4.

Ripsta7th1505d ago

For 8 bucks ? Im pretty sure alot of people did

XtraTrstrL1505d ago

I was definitely tempted.

ramiuk11505d ago

wasnt that cheap in UK .

harrisk9541505d ago

I got it for the $8 as well... great game. Loving it...

I also got Lego Marvel for $10 and Batman: Origins for PS3 for $8... Best sale in months!

ABizzel11505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Lego Marvel is actually a surprisingly good depiction of the marvel universe, and a pretty good game.

The flying races will get on your nerves though -_- (if you want to get all the gold bricks)

MRMagoo1231505d ago

The flying races aren't that hard really once you get used to the odd handling, love the lego games.

GasTankKiller1505d ago

I couldn't make up my mind and now I wish I would have bought Lego Marvel Superheros for $10.50 on the PS4.

My 6-year old has the 360 version and he's on his 4th play through. Talk about replay value.

TheFutureIsBlue1505d ago

I missed out on the Injustice sale. I would have bought it if I knew about it. Maybe it will drop price again.

MRMagoo1231505d ago

I have injustice but I don't like it much shame you aren't in Australia you could have mine lol

SmielmaN1506d ago

Lots of solid games in there. I haven't had too much free time lately to finish a lot of the ones I've got. That and I have been hitting the wii u pretty hard. Nice little console they made there. Love how you can play the game on the tablet controller so other ppl in the room can use the tv for other things. Worked awesome to occupy my niece yesterday as she just kept unlocking things for me in MK8 hahaha

DualWielding1505d ago

Its actually surprising people will go digital for a 50 gig game

ABizzel11505d ago

I agree, I wasn't paying attention to the download size, only the price. But yeah it won't happen again.

Software_Lover1505d ago

Someone should do a DL size comparison between PC and consoles. I've seen PS4vsPS3 but never one as mentioned.

Heisenburger1505d ago

When you pop a disk in it copies the full fifty gigs. Meaning me who is all digital, will have a HD that lasts as long as my friend's who is all physical.

I purchase digital because I can't trust myself not to trade every damn game I purchase in. I was genuinely surprised to find out that Harddrives are filled up , regardless of one's method of purchase.

The more you know.

PsylentKiller1505d ago

That's exactly the same reason why I'm buying all digital this gen with the exception of sports titles. Plus I upgraded my PS4 HDD to 2TB. Hopefully bigger laptop drives will come out or Sony will allow external HDDs in the near future.

LamerTamer1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

The difference though is that if you delete a game off of the HD that you own on disc and you want to replay it in the future you can pop in the disc and be playing in a few minutes. With digital you need to wait hours to re-download again (if they still have it on their servers, eventually they might not). If your HDD fails and you need to re-downloads hundreds of gigs that would be a major pain too especially if your internet is slow and/or not unlimited. A physical copy is a good backup.

Kiddcarter1505d ago

With these next gen systems digital and physical are both the same, the 50 gigs is loaded on to your hhd regardless, only advantage you have with physical is being able to trade it of you don't like it

dodgemoose1505d ago

Except a physical copy is available to play within minutes, whereas a digital copy takes hours. Meaning not only can you play a game you've just bought much sooner, but when you inevitably fill up the hard drive on the PS4, it isn't a hassle deleting and later re-installing physical games - same can't be said for digital copies.

JP13691505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

TLoU came out on the 29th of the month in North America with the Euro release following at the end of that week. Is the author of this article incapable of simple math and reasoning skills? Also, it's hard for a game to lead "throughout July" when it wasn't even available throughout most (or all) of that month. Good job comparing pre-order sales.

ToneDeezy1505d ago

"The Last of Us: Remastered won it’s #1 throne after just one day of sales in July."

Are you incapable of reading? She acknowledged that on the EU write up.

JP13691505d ago

Yep, I read it, which is why I pointed out the contradictory use of language as well as the pointlessness of the article. My post was three sentences long and yet you apparently were unable to grasp the meaning of it. Good job, kid.

funkybudda1505d ago

I was just about the post the same thing, the release date of TLOU:R pretty much nullify the claim...

Gamer7771505d ago

Good to see Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty doing well and increasing the chances of Stranger's Wrath 2.

MegaRay1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Suprisngly Munch Oddyses in also one of the top 10 of ps3
Glad new n tasty is doing great tho. It would be shame if developers of oodworld quit making games because no one support them...

Gamer7771505d ago

I hope the game also obtain top 10 status on PC (Steam) and on XBL later this year. Stranger's Wrath was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox and hope it manages to obtain funding.

LamerTamer1505d ago

Too bad they didn't remaster Munch's Odyssey and Stranger's wrath. I loved those and would have bought them. A remake of an old 2d PS1 game was not going to get me to bite.

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