5 Game Collections I Want to See Remastered

SheAttack: So far this generation, we have seen a lot of game delays and remasters. The list of games being brought back are a little underwhelming so Erica of SheAttack discusses her top 5 game collections she would like to see remastered.

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SaveFerris1465d ago

All of those listed are possible, and I would think MS, EA, Activision and ND/Sony have plans to remaster some of their games. Square Enix have announced Sleeping Dogs, and maybe Deus Ex: HR and Hitman could be next?

donthate1465d ago

Last generation games remastered would bring somewhat minimal graphical improvement so I have mixed feeling about taking away consumer dollars on old games instead of getting new games.

Then again, huge fan of Mass Effect and Gears of War so I will be hypocritical and say, YES TO BOTH!

I would play them again, and gladly pay $60 for it on day-1!!!

TheVideoGamHer1465d ago

I'd like to see a Metroid Prime: Trilogy HD personally.

mohuzas1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Hell yes!

Besides that, I'd like to see Xenoblade HD, as well as a Mario Galaxy collection!

BattleAxe1465d ago

The conversation has clearly moved towards remastered games this generation....

Master-H1465d ago

Remasters/Remakes i would buy no question :

Tenchu Collection
Souls Series Collection
CoD Collection (has to have Cod4 with mp tho)

CramShaft1465d ago

I wanted to disagree with you for CoD, but my love of tenchu wouldn't let me do it. The only ninja game higher on my list would have to be Legend of Kage.

Goro1465d ago

Modern Warfare Remastered Collection. It would be awesome to play COD4 & MW2 Multiplayers again without hackers, the nostalgia would be flowing.
I believe a MW Remastered Collection would sell better than COD AV.

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The story is too old to be commented.