Metro Developers Explain why Redux isn't a free Upgrade

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are being re-released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year, and while owners of the original titles on Steam are getting a 50% discount on the upgrade, some members of Valve's community are angry that they're not going to get the improved versions for absolutely nothing. The developers, 4A Games, have taken some time to explain just why that is, and it goes far beyond the "don't be greedy" that it could have been.

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scark921354d ago

Out of all the remasters, this seems like the most impressive.

Pintheshadows1354d ago

Agreed, they have gone above and beyond. The fact they have transplanted Last Light's improved mechanics into 2033 is testament to 4A's dedication.

1nsomniac1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Most definitely, this is what all remakes were like back in the day before all these developers started getting overly greedy & lazy!!

It's nice to see a developer with a bit more to them than just shipping a simple copy & paste port job. Spending their time improving it rather than spending all their time & resources with pure bs & marketing crap.

MasterCornholio1354d ago

And the price for them is fantastic. I'm definitely picking this one up.

ghostface91354d ago

I would have to say second behind halo master chief collection but this is a really good one too most of the other remasters have been updated graphics and fps and thats it

stutfly1354d ago

I think it is a close second to Halo: the Master chief Collection. But still a very good remastered collection.

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Hellsvacancy1354d ago

They get a 50% discount and they STILL complain? "DON'T PLAY IT THEN YOU BUNCH OF WHINNEY IDIOTS" would be my response

iNFAMOUZ11354d ago

Keep calm and serve your self a bowl full of chillios

Hellsvacancy1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Funny but NO

I bought The Last Of Us and all the old Hitman games, does that mean I can demand the releases for free? the PC folks are not special

KonsoruMasuta1354d ago

Work was actually done on this release. These aren't minor changes.

There is no reason for people to expect it for free.

Volkama1354d ago

The reason is cd projekt red, aka the patron saints of respecting gamers.

4A are doing ok by me. I will buy the 2033 redux as that looks to be fine value. The last light not so much, but as I only paid about £2 for the original I may pick up the redux for the sake of supporting the dev.

ninjahunter1354d ago

Haha, and what makes it even funnier is HellsVacancy with the first response proving the point.

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SuperBlur1354d ago

Speaking from a PC player perspective, I cant get behind this . They took a year to do it for Ps4 , Xbox 1 and again on PC , i'll let you do the math on how much "hard work" they really put into this one for the asking price, they could of easily given it free of charge to those who bought the game prior to X date to avoid abuse.

"Here buy the same game again with updated graphics and bug fixed for 50%OFF If you own the "beta" version already"


GearSkiN1354d ago

I appreciate the team for explaining about the remastered

x_RadicalAura_x1354d ago

Simple: Because it wasn't free for them to remaster it for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Qrphe1354d ago

Because it took work to get done

Some people are just way too entitled

Volkama1354d ago

The complaints are over the last light, for which the PC version is pretty much the same as the existing release.

I can understand the feeling that the upgrade should get a bigger discount than 2033 as it offers so much less. But $12.49 is hardly an act of greed or evil, and as the dev says you can just opt not to buy it.

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