ChinaJoy 2014: Hot Showgirls From Snail Games

MMOsite: ChinaJoy 2014 came to an end several days ago, while hot showgirls are never to be out of date. Here is a collection of Snail Games showgirls. Snail Games is one of the first online game developers in China. This leading game company in China has successfully launched Age of Wushu, Black Gold Online and more.

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ichizon1466d ago

How many times a day are these ChinaJoy girls going to be posted? Such news.

Qrphe1466d ago

You're right. I'm gonna see if I can find, yet, another console-war-mongering, resolutiongate article.

ichizon1466d ago

There are a lot of bad or repetitious articles and discussions being posted, but that doesn't redeem these ones. I like cosplay and hot women as much as the other person, but there are other forums for that. Let's not pretend we don't know why these articles get boiling hot. People didn't click to comment on the new releases from Snail Games.

Can you name any games from this expo without looking it up right now?

Looking at the ChinaJoy tag right now, 11/32 articles the past week are about games, some of which include showgirls as half the post. The 21 others are of showgirls only, perhaps quickly mentioning the dev or the games. I wouldn't complain if there were just one or two cosplay articles from this event, but I've just seen one too many already.

cleft51466d ago

Indeed, this is pertinent information I need to know. Don't want to miss a single one.