Rumor: Sony readying new PS4 SKU with 1TB storage for this Fall

New leaked PS4 model number suggests Sony is gearing up a 1TB SKU for this Fall.

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overlordror1473d ago

Shoulda been 1TB from the start. 500GB is way too small when you're dealing with game installs that are 40GBs a game.

AngelicIceDiamond1473d ago

I'm sure Sony wanted to keep the price down as much as possible. I will say 400 dollar for 1TB storage would be one hell of a deal though.

The question is how much will this be?

Eonjay1473d ago


Most likely $399.
500GB Moves to $350.

If they are really smart, the Destiny Bundles will be 1TB Models.

AngelicIceDiamond1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

@Eonjay sounds about right.

399 1TB console would push even more units for PS4.

But at the same time its sort of a shun to early PS4 adopters who spent 399 for less memory only to come out with a 400$ console with more memory.

399$ could happen but I'm seeing at least 50$ more bringing it up to 449$

xHeavYx1473d ago

I hope the Destiny bundle is 1TB, I got it pre-ordered

UltimateMaster1473d ago

It'll be 400$.
They've sold enough to found ways to cut the price of it.
Also, TLOU Bundle is 450$ Canadian dollar, the same as an non bundled PS4. If you're close to the border, this might be interesting.

Obviously, 500Gb isn't enough, altough you can easily manage your data and delete games you aren't playing. Re-installing games on the PS4 is significantly fast and only takes less than 30 seconds every time. Unlike the other 500Gb console.

It takes less time installing TLOU one time on the PS4 than loading TLOU on PS3 every time.

Save files stays on the console.

And personally, I think going with 500Gb HDD was the best decision simply because if they had gone with 1Tb or 1.5Tb, they would have needed to cut down elsewhere, like on the power and performance of it.

badz1491473d ago

The PS3's HDD got changed several times during the years from 20&60 GB earlier to 40 and then 80 and then 250 and then some with 320GB and the real difference in price was only the one with 12GB flash. The others didn't basically change in price.

So I think it would be a safe bet that we'll see a $399 1TB model next year while they phase out 500GB models

Fanci1472d ago

It's probably going to be at least $500 I bet. The greed is real

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AuToFiRE1473d ago

1TB is too small, should be minimum 3. I have 6 in my pc alone, let alone the 96 in my server

Strangelover1473d ago

Your PC DEFINITELY doesn't cost 399$. Console is a machine for a simple human who doesn't play 50 or 100 games every year, he buys a console to come home from work and sit with his friend and play FIFA for example. He doesn't need 2 or 4 TB storage.

one2thr1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

@auto fire
Thats good, but I thought the PS4 only supports hard drives with a 2.5in form factor, and I have yet to see any above 2tb.

Unless this newer model PS4, can support both 2.5in and 3.5in size drives then go nuts, if not anything above 2tb is moot at this point.


1TB is starting to feel a little small, considering what I want to get down the road. I should have upgraded to a 2TB (though, this probably shouldn't have been a problem, if the system could stream from the BDs). I didn't anticipate the file sizes for games that I have the discs for, they are massive.

xHeavYx1473d ago

Go back to the forums Auto =P

FayZ_1473d ago


madjedi1472d ago

Oh you got a link to a site selling 3tb laptop drives. Because 3.5 inch drives aren't helpful for the ps4.

1 tb would have been more than enough for launch or the first yr, likely people will need 2-3 tbs to cover them for whole gen.

Assuming they are going digital only, do not want to be frequently deleting and re-installing game data, or a big on the recording and streaming features.

funkybudda1472d ago

Can you building a gaming PC that performs at the same level as PS4 for $400? I will wait for the answer.

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colonel1791473d ago

It's an obvious move that has to happen. While 500 GB wasn't enough, the price of the PS4 made up for it. By the end of the generation, we'll look at 1TB to be a very small storage capacity, like 60GB is now for the launch PS3. I think that in a few years there will be PS4 and Xbox One SKUs with 10-20 TB.

However, it's great that they made the process of upgrading the HDD very easy.

MazzingerZ1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Sony did made it easy to upgrade HDD in both PS3 and PS4 by designing the console for that, SATA HDD, to just swap them, providing utilities to backup/restoring system data and so on without voiding warranty. Kutaragi said from the beginning that storage needs would increase as time goes, so no point shipping with built-in HDD, he was an engineer, genius and visionary.

On the other hand the same can't be said about MSFT, X360 not possible, on X1 only if you are a tech nerd and are ok about voiding warranty.

madjedi1472d ago

Currently the largest hdds are 6 tbs, those are $300-400 atm, the consoles will likely never need 6tbs of storage space for games.

Both consoles had a laughable amount of storage space at launch compared to pc hard drives.

Short of extreme storage needs, businesses ect 10 to 20 tb drives seem like ridiculous overkill to me, but 15-20(whenever windows 95 came out) yrs ago i thought 6 gigabyte drives were huge so who knows.

GribbleGrunger1473d ago

@overlordror: It's difficult to disagree with you on that one but I think it's simply what AngelicIceDiamond has said.

I wouldn't put any stock in these new model numbers as any indication that the PS4 is getting a HD upgrade. I'd say they're more about cutting costs and improving profits. That's not to say it's unreasonable to 'guess' there could be a price drop this Christmas though.

I suppose the perfect scenario would be: Release the 1tb version at the current pricing and reduce the 500gb version for $50 less.

Magicite1473d ago

1TB is sufficient, 500gb is not.

colonel1791473d ago

"1TB is sufficient" Let's see if you can say that in two years! As i said, this generation will end with even 50TB HDD.

madjedi1472d ago

Needing 50 tbs now your just being ridiculous, i seriously doubt current hdd technology can scale that high.

I'll be surprised if platter drives hit 20 tbs before getting either replaced entirely or altered to where they share barely any resemblance to it's predecessor.

3-4-51473d ago

That would be nice, as I'm most likely getting a PS4 at some point.

Meltic1473d ago

Who keeps 40 gigs of games all the time ?. I delete games after ive cleared them 100%. You never play many games at once... if its a multiplayer game you like you keep it. Thats simple. Ive deleted Ac4 black flag, knack, need for speed and infamous second son. Why keep those games when you have cleared them ??...

Funantic11473d ago

You make the most sense out of all the comments I read here.

Lazyeye791473d ago

40gb is like one and half games and if you download games having to delete them would be annoying. Having more space is never a problem.

ramiuk11472d ago

me too.
i finish a game i delete it,same with ps+ games,if there crap i just delete them.
only games always on console i a shooter or and sports(for online element)
it takes so short a time to install i dont know why u would need to keep them on.

i have played every game on ps4 and my HD is not even half full.

solid_snake36561473d ago

I'd rather have a smaller hdd size, and upgrade it myself. It's much cheaper that way

user3672721473d ago

It wouldn't be an issue if it has external hdd support of up to 16tb. sony need to do what is readily available on a competing console. The max of 2tb of internal hdd swapping is not a good option to many owners.

dangerousbrian01473d ago

I am 1 of those people that dont delete any game at all because I dont always finish games straight away as I want them to last a long time.I also have a few games that I want to redownload that I cant because I dont have the space I dont mind having stock 500gb the same as X1 as long as I can do what I have done with X1 external 2tb.

rainslacker1473d ago

Max isn't 2TB. There are just no 2.5" drives bigger than 2TB right now. However, one user has jerry-rigged a 3.5" 3TB drive, and the PS4 recognizes the space on it.

The pic of it is about halfway down the page.

Given that it can read the whole space of 3TB drives, the likelihood that it can read up to 16TB is probably there given how these things work.

Only downside to this method is that since it uses a separate power supply, standby mode doesn't work, and of course you have a free-floating hard drive laying around.

When HD manufacturers end up getting around to making 2.5" drives with more capacity, they should work fine.

But will agree that having an external option would be nice.

spacedelete1472d ago

to me i don't care either way. once i beat a game 100% then I'm done with it and it gets deleted. 500GB isn't enough if you don't complete games. i rarely replay games so no point wasting hard drive space.

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imt5581473d ago

Very likely. I remember when GAF user nktrnl rumored 7 months ago a Xbone SKU with 1TB in November this year. Time will tell anyway.

EinRobot1473d ago

Just got my ps4 yesterday...oh well

1mgb1473d ago

Return it and wait for gamescom at the very least.

spacedelete1472d ago

how can he return it if he opened it ? stupid trolls don't think.

dragon821472d ago

It can be done. I have done it before. most stores have at least a 30 return policy on consoles.

OrangePowerz1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

You can just get a bigger HDD and replace the 500gb one. There are good prices on hybrid HDDs and the new model will most likely use a normal HDD.

rainslacker1473d ago

Hard drives are so darn cheap nowadays it's hardly worth worrying about. I just brought a 2TB drive for $75, and it wasn't even on sale.

In a couple years when you're likely to need to upgrade the prices will be even cheaper, with even larger drives available. If we're lucky, SSD will come down to a reasonable price.:)

Evil-Gouki1473d ago

The HDD's are easy enough to change tho.

bleedsoe9mm1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

they need to get external hd support out soon