The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Panel – The Show Must Go On

CD Projekt RED ran into some issues with their footage of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at San Diego Comic-Con. This led to none of the voice overs coming through and they had to do it live with plenty of hilarious moments.

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IC3_DEMON1434d ago

Was worried when I saw the graphics. Thankfully the A button of the Xbox was visible.

I'm playing Witcher 2 now on PC Ultra and it looks better than what they showed, so hopes are still up for a good PC release.

Very funny video with the english voice actor improvising xD

FalloutWanderer20771432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

You do know that you can use a xbox controller on PC right? BTW, I'm almost 100% positive it is PC footage. The only Xbox One footage they have shown so far was the first gameplay presentation @ the Microsoft Stage.

Everything else has been PC. There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the visuals and the game - They are still 6 months from release and are optimizing the game(Optimization is towards the latter part of development,all the way up until it goes gold I believe,then of course release,with the day 1 patch) ,hence the delay, secondly, Witcher 3 is now open world. The game is looks awesome! it's more than likely going to look even better by release as well.

I think it looks better than TW2 already in a few ways. Shadows are a big improvement,character models up close are also improved,Lighting improved without over abundance of bloom etc.,hair physics are awesome and texture loading looks to be improved along with draw distance.

The graphics are not the reason I'm excited for Witcher 3, it is the story, characters, lore and the world that has me hyped. Visuals look great and are an added bonus as far as I'm concerned.