China-exclusive Xbox One titles look like a ton of fun

Geek: "Bringing the Xbox One to China isn’t just a good business decision for Microsoft, it’s a critical piece in building success for their platform this generation. While they could use translated versions of the current games available in the US and Europe, China is a market that requires some content focused on attracting gamers there. As a result, China is about to get a handful of exclusive Xbox One titles and all we can do is look and hope that they also head west."

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AngelicIceDiamond1350d ago

Wow some of those games I never even seen.

You can't deny that X1 is becoming an absolute powerhouse for games.

MightyNoX1350d ago

I imagined you speaking in Tiny Tim's voice "Gee, wolly, Papa Spencer! I can haz all these games?"

Unfortunately, most of these games are locked in, no possibility of importing them.

But yes, powerhouse.

AngelicIceDiamond1350d ago

I imagined you speaking in Tiny Tim's voice "Gee, wolly, Papa Spencer! I can haz all these games?"

More immaturity from you that's to be expected. You have allot of growing up to do.

Never Winter is coming early next year in the west in which I can only imagine those others such as King of Wushu would make a western releases.

"But yes, powerhouse"

Very surprised you agree.

Bigpappy1350d ago

"Region locked" has nothing to do with preventing porting of games. It prevents you from playing the un-localized version, that's all.

Why o why1350d ago

Ms would have to ween their presence into asia. It was smart to sow the seeds last gen....put the feelers out almost. It was never going to show fruition straight away. It'll be interesting to see how they do this time around.

In regards to the localising of games.....smh, lets hope that path isnt as arduous as it was for ps fans waiting on games like yakuza to be come to the west.

maniacmayhem1350d ago

I find it amazing that none of these games are being localized and brought to other places in the world. The detail looks amazing in these games.

ceromaster1350d ago

Not gonna' lie, Mercury looks pretty interesting.

Goku7811350d ago

For only over half a 1000 if anyone making 2 an hour is interested. Ridiculous.