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Pure Pool is, more or less, everything a billiards fan could ask for. It is pure simulation at its best. The physics are spot-on accurate – any missed shot is entirely the shooter’s fault. The ambiance is entirely convincing, with a soundtrack to match. Of course, the graphics are so incredibly life-like, you may actually be disappointed with how dull of a shine your average real-life pool balls usually have.

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ftwrthtx1437d ago

This game makes me want Pool Nation FX even more. Pure Pool is great, and I agree completely with the review, but Pool Nation on the PS3 was the best video pool game to date.

T3mpr1x1437d ago

That was originally supposed to be a launch title for the PS4! Wonder what happened...

Wedge191437d ago

Pool games are so great, yet sadly overlooked by many. They are just simple fun!

knifefight1437d ago

Since it's only $9 (USD) for PS+ subs, i might get this.. i love pool in real life and this is as close as i'll get