Battlefield 4 Update In September - Its the Netcode

Yet another Battlefield 4 update is coming quickly. Just announced by DICE the next update promises many general improvements. But the most intriguing of the updates is the Netcode improvements.

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AgentSmithPS41348d ago

Did you know that the first netcode was designed to be perfect? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. EA wouldn't allow the program. Entire crops of players were lost.

Some believed DICE lacked the programming language to describe the perfect netcode. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery, so they continue throwing money at companies that abuse them. ;)

I don't think too much about the netcode since I do fine when playing, I do get killed behind solid cover sometimes and I do hear lots of people complaining about 'lag' but some of them have crazy smoothing settings etc so who knows, I just hope it gets better.

HaydenJameSmith1348d ago

Well I assume your talking bout for PC, I feel like it is more genuine on console, when people complain, cause we all have fixed hardware... so there is no doubt that there is problems. I suffer from Lagg, rubber banding, getting kill'd round corners and by guys with 0 health, not all the time ofc but although I must admit it has gotten a lot better since launch but I am looking forward to this update for not just the netcode but all the balancing changes that come with it cause even when the game is working its far to unbalanced when compared to BF3 in my opinion...

AgentSmithPS41348d ago

Yeah I hate the 0 health crap, it's annoying and makes them look even more sloppy. I get a lot of 1-4% too :(.

konnerbllb1348d ago

10 tickrate isn't perfect, neither is 30 for that matter. Your claims are unfounded.

AgentSmithPS41348d ago

It wasn't a claim it was a joke of sorts, just like the game.

InTheZoneAC1348d ago

lag and aim assist=noob central

Majin-vegeta1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

They will nerf aim assist on consoles towards BF3 level and are thinking of putting an option where server admins can disable it for their servers.

Also If you got time I recommend reading through this it's gives a lot of help on what they're gonna be doing to BF4.

Edit:Just look for the Blue highlighted posts.

IVanSpinal1348d ago

"They will nerf aim assist on consoles"

link please

Majin-vegeta1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

@Ivan Check the link I put above.I' member reading it in there somewhere.

@Ivan found it for ya.


But what I do wonder is how many of the so called hardcore crowd will actually use this option lol... If anyone that does own a server that'll implement this option, please shoot me a server name so I may proceed to kick some virtual ass with you when they update it. It would be super duper ;)

BTW thanks for the link Vegeta

MysticStrummer1348d ago

Bad Company 2 is still where it's at.

Vantage1348d ago

Bad Company 2 is one of the best shooters ever released.

sevilha821348d ago

Yep,the fun that game was.

ZombieDust1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I am sick of these remasters of games that game out in the last year or two. Games like BC2 are the ones that need a remaster.

Pillsbury11348d ago

This is the reason I will never buy another battlefield game at launch. I am going to wait and ensure that it's playable.

user816731348d ago

next time i will wait one year to buy battlefield and let them sort it out.

metalmatters1348d ago

maybe thats the reason the servers continue being busy, cause people are still playing or buying the game. You know the game is good and it would be worse if the game was non existent at all, I know I would miss it

GiggMan1348d ago

I took everyone's advice and waited. I just bought it last week and had a little trouble getting into it but now it seems OK. Can't wait for this update.

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