Destiny Pre-Order Collapse: High Demand Resulting in Lack of Available Bundles

Destiny was expected to have record sales mainly due to the hype for next generation gaming and the fact that it was among the most anticipated games of the year.

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TimidPixel1443d ago

I preordered a limited edition when they were first announced but some of my friend's have gotten canceled. Hopefully they will have more ready before launch.

Regis1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Which is why I preorder from GS I know I will be getting my limited edition and will not have to worry about cancels.

kingmushroom1443d ago

Exactly, can't wait for my limited edition. And I feel sorry for those who got their ghost or limited editions canceled, that sucks.

elazz1443d ago

In my opinion a limited edition should be limited. So that bundles are running out is normal. If everyone would have been able to get a limited edition then it eliminates the purpose. Currently the game has nearly 3 million pre-orders so it's kinda obvious that they run out.

GW2121443d ago

Tell that to the shareholders. If you can sell a game at over $100, why sell it for $60?

I know what you mean, but this is business.

RustEGearz1443d ago

So you think those that originally ordered the limited edition should be denied their purchase?

MasterCornholio1443d ago

Those white PS4 bundles are going to fly off shelves this holiday season.

GasTankKiller1443d ago

Anyone that disagrees with this has never worked a day in retail doing sales.

MasterCornholio1443d ago

I guess some people don't like the idea of Destiny selling PS4s however I also believe that Destiny will sell other systems as well even last gen ones. But with the way things are going it will probably sell the most on the PS4 followed by the Xbox One and then last gen systems.

GasTankKiller1443d ago

"Destiny was expected to have record sales."

Why do we continue to allow such rubbish articles to be approved? Limited Edition should stand for being limited. Its the responsibility of the retailer to not oversell something.

Consumers need to learn that Best Buy is the last place to pre-order anything classified as limited. This is the second time they've done this. Remember Forza 4 Limited Edition?

If anyone still wants a limited edition of Destiny they can pre-order the Digital Guardian Edition, which comes with all the digital goodies and is $10 cheaper then the physical.

1nsaint1443d ago

But i want the map! :(

RustEGearz1443d ago

If a consumer orders a product, he or she should get that product. Regardless of the retailers difficulties.

GasTankKiller1443d ago

What your saying is... If the retailer doesn't have a product to sell to the consumer even though the consumer ordered it. The consumer should still receive the product from the retailer even if the product is not available.

That's an interesting reply.

dcbronco1443d ago

I think he's saying Gamestop shouldn't allow people to keep ordering when they know each store only gets a certain amount. They do it because a million pre-orders translates to 5 million dollars they get to play around with instead of borrowing from a bank. That's why pre-orders become available so early. Even if they just stuck it in the bank, that equals a lot of interest.

rainslacker1442d ago


half true. Pre-orders are considered an escrow down payment. GS can not go out and spend that money. They have to keep it in a seperate account until the game is actually sold in the event that everyone, everywhere decides to cancel their pre-orders, or they go out of business.

However, you are correct that they do accrue interest on all those millions of $5 down payments...which can be significant.

On a side note, can't be sure, but didn't GS say they were going to stop requiring the deposits for games in the near future?

dcbronco1442d ago

They may say they are going to stop requiring down payments but they have made a lot of money from it for years.

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ShiranaiJittai1443d ago

2nd? Try 50th. Those only count the ones I am aware of.

I am a former employee of Best buy. Before comments like I amjust talking crap about the company because I don't work there anymore or to spite them come in. I enjoyed working there and often shopped there. This is one thing they just don't have their head on straight about.

If we offered a limited of something chances are we would not order enough to meet demand or there would be 5 extra sitting in the warehouse all year.

I was there about 3 years with two different stores.

We had at least 20 instances where something wasn't shipped on time or was shipped to wrong store or not put out on release date or put up before release date. This s was not an isolated experience I worked at two different stores of different sizes in very different locations.

Hell sometimes we didn't even get the game until the day after the release date. Those were awkward midnight releases indeed.

Conclusion preorder from best buy at your own risk

admiralvic1443d ago

"Consumers need to learn that Best Buy is the last place to pre-order anything classified as limited. This is the second time they've done this. Remember Forza 4 Limited Edition? "

Newegg is the last place to preorder something limited, since they tend to list things they never get stock of in the first place. Especially since your example is from 3 years ago and it's not like Best Buy was the only retailer to mess up Destiny preorders. There was also Walmart and most likely NewEgg.

"If anyone still wants a limited edition of Destiny they can pre-order the Digital Guardian Edition, which comes with all the digital goodies and is $10 cheaper then the physical."

While true, most of the appeal are the physical goods or to be more precise, the concept that the physical goods are rare. Beyond that, the only difference between the game + season pass and DGE are the special skins as you can easily get the game with a discount (like preordering gives $10 RZ credit at BB, $20 at Kmart) and buying the SP separately is only $5 more (would save you from the DLC if it turned out bad).

rainslacker1442d ago

Personally I find the Square Enix online store the worst place to order anything limited. They often have supply issues, and if there is any sort of discrepancy with payment they cancel the order, and screw over anyone who ordered. They won't even try to contact you to remedy the situation, often leaving people out in the cold.

Unfortunately, they do carry exclusive limited editions on their store. Even more unfortunately, I have a few pre-orders for limited through them right now, and my CC expires this month, so I'll likely have issues with all of them as I will have to change that info. They use Digital River distribution as their mail order provider, and they just suck all around.

On a side note, what's more annoying is that every time you place an order, they want to say there is suspicious activity on your account, and they lock up your log in information. That wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't made their account system so convoluted to begin with.

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GW2121443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

This is my most anticipated title on any platform for the remainder of the year. Next year is going to be awesome with QB, UC4, Witcher 3, Halo 5, The Order, The Division, etc.

Good call below, Batman will be awesome too.

GasTankKiller1443d ago

You forgot Batman: Arkham Knight

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