Do You Love PlayStation Because You Were Secretly Told To?

CCC Says: "Ask yourself this question Sony fans, did I make up my own mind…or was it made up for me?

When you look at how and why anyone chooses one particular side of an argument over the other, you’ll often notice it has very little to do with conscious thought. Most people identify with a specific religion or political party for no other reason than it being what their parents had chosen before them. In some ways, the same could be said for gaming. No matter if you’re an Xbox, PlayStation or even Nintendo die-hard, most would probably admit they are somewhat set in their ways (if they were to be honest with themselves). The roots of fanboy-ism originate from complacency more than anything else. We find something we like early on and just stick to it. No one likes change, even if it’s for the best."

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Abash1289d ago

Nope, I love PlayStation because of the exclusive series and third party games. It has also been the gaming brand that treated me the best as a consumer through and through

MightyNoX1289d ago

I picked up the PS4 because I've owned almost every console that ever came out (including the NGPocket and Neo Geo and the Jaguar), so buying the PS4 and the Wii U was simply inevitable.

BattleAxe1289d ago

"It has also been the gaming brand that treated me the best as a consumer through and through"

Yeah, until this generation. The PS4/Xbox One generation is the most consumer un-friendly generation yet. Compare what you got with the PS3 against the PS4, and it's no contest, the PS3 wins hands down.

Even the PS2, with limited online play with games like Socom, Killzone, Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, destroys the PS4 with the value that you got for your money.

morganfell1289d ago


I'll say no to your advice. As someone that has done nothing but praise the X1, the device that sought to rob gamers of more rights in a single day than any other time in history your offering have less than zero value when it comes to Sony. Meanwhile you have done little else except attempt to downplay the PS4 or the reason to own one.

You do have a post history and it tells me everything I need to know about you. It says that any advice you have concerning the PS4 is completely invalid. Goodbye. Hit the road jack.

Sony has done more for pure gaming than anyone else. And most of all they have respected the space in which they operate. Microsoft has no concept of such respect. They show up in the gaming community because they saw a chance to make money. They then begin to throw around funds clumsily with no concept of the community they were damaging.

No, I like Sony because while they make money they do so by placing the gamer first. While bringing new technology - they are responsible for the new disc format every time and this generation they are bringing Now - they have also fathered remarkable exclusives that while unique mangage to define a genre.

Only on PlayStation.

BattleAxe1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@ Morganfell

I disagree with you on some of your points. First, I have never praised the Xbox One, I simply find it ridiculous how much people on N4G hammer on Microsoft, and yet other than the power performance of the PS4, mountains of inconsequential indie games and some free games on PS+, Sony hasn't brought anything worthwhile to this generation.

I've been a huge fan of Sony's products in the past, and I think you know that. I'm just baffled as to why people are eating up the hype like they are. Take my advice and compare what you got with the PS3 against the PS4, and there's no way the PS4 comes out on top in any way shape or form, with the exception of having more powerful hardware, which is to be expected 8 years after the PS3's debut.

As far as Microsoft getting into gaming just to make money, Sony is in it for the same reasons. The way they go about cultivating their business models obviously differ, but to put Sony up on a pedestal like you just did is a bit....I'd rather not say, since I have respected your opinions on here most of the time.

Also, when you're talking about Microsoft and the way they make money, lets not forget that Xbox One was Don Mattrick's creation, which needs no further explanation. I like Phil Spencer, and I am interested to see what moves he makes going into the future with Xbox. I'm also interested to see how Phil Spencer develops his relationship with Steam, as he has spoken favorably about the service on a couple of occasions, even going so far as to say that there are possibilities to work with them on PC.

I think EA and Microsoft have something cooking in the background, and so I am interested to see how that relationship develops, especially with Sony's public denunciation of EA Access and EA's 'strategic relationship' with Microsoft. By no means am I praising Microsoft, but I do find it all very interesting.

BattleAxe1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@ Morganfell

I like Kaz Hirai also, but I disagree with some of his decisions. PS NOW isn't guaranteed to be a success. I will admit it has promise and I love the features that it will have, similar to Onlive, but it's not a sure thing. I think that if they do not target other platforms such as the PC and Mac, then it will be a failed venture. It makes no sense to subscribe to PS NOW if you're on a PS3, it makes a little bit of sense to have it on PS Vita, but that's a really small market, and even on PS4, it's going to be an unnecessary service to subscribe to.

Why subscribe to PS NOW when you can get all kinds of games for free on PS+? Why subscribe to PS NOW when you might still own a PS3, and you can buy the games cheaper than you can rent them for a week or even an evening in some cases? With the mountains of cheep indie games and free PS+ games, who has any time for more games? It's a service that is competing with PS+ and also with the Playstation Store itself, and of course it's all on the same console and it's a service that costs quite a bit to get into in it's current form.

A really big disappointment that I had with Sony, was their recent announcement that they were shutting down Playstation Mobile. There's no reason why Sony shouldn't be a force in mobile gaming, and in fact, they should be rivaling the Google Play Store and the App Store, it's Playstation after all! When Sony announced Playstation Mobile, I could see a vision there, but they didn't support it, and now they've completely flip-flopped on it.

It's almost the same thing with the Vita. The Vita is a great product, but they haven't properly supported it, and so therefore it's a dying system unfortunately. They've even said that they will not invest money into AAA games on the Vita, which to me, says that they've decided to throw it into the river, and if it floats it floats.

I had high hopes for the Vita, but just like Playstation Mobile, I got my hopes up for no reason at all. When they announced the purchase of GaiKai and then rolled it out as PS NOW, I was really excited, but I have a feeling that they wont do what I thought they were going to do, and that is to expand the Playstation community beyond the console, and onto open platforms, just like they were going to do with Playstation Mobile.

It looked for a short period of time that they were going to open up their services beyond their own hardware, but it's plain to see that they've done a very quick u-turn, and are reverting to their proprietary roots. One thing that I've learned about Sony, is to never get your hopes up, because things might not turn out the way you thought they would. The only thing that is certain when it comes to Sony, is that their first party studios are top notch, and you can be sure that they will deliver a top quality product most of the time.

TwinsOfAllGames1288d ago

@mrtimesplitter you must be one of the el presador follower right? lame

morganfell1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )


People on N4G and elsewhere hammer on MS because they deserve it. Some obviously do not comeprehend what it was they attempted to do. They were the Randall and Mortimer Duke of the game industry just over a year ago. Some do not see the far reaching implications. Worse they go out an buiy an X1 allowing this threat to continue to exist.

Redmond was BEATEN back from their position. A position their remarks show they STILL feel was correct. They retreated licking their wounds and have never forgotten. That is dangerous to the gamer on an extreme level.

Guess what else is dangerous? People that fail to see the hazard in what MS was doing and would still like to do.

Some cannot recognize what Sony has just accomplished. By that I mean PSNow. No company has ever pulled it off. On Live did not. Sony has brought the new format every generation. CD, DVD, Bluray, and now streaming. Like all of those times before people initially failed to see the formats as a game changer. They said they were not needed. They said it was too expensive. Now will be no different.

I never said Sony was not in it to make money. You need to reread my remarks. The difference in money making is the focus. And it is a huge difference.

If you think Mattrick was the sole problem behind the X1 you are kidding yourself. I am laughing that people think Phil Spencer is acting in his current manner because it is his vision. MS and all of the people in the the Xbox division are now in their current mode out of survival. They still have tripped enough to show their nature. They all drank the Kool Aid and were all true beleivers in what was occurring before. The virus still lives.

"We were just following orders" is an excuse people have attempted to employ down through history...and to no avail. They were duplicitous and they were true believers and they were responsible.

PSNow isn't competing with Plus. And you cannot damn indie games in one sentence and praise them as a console saver in the next.

Remember, Sony killed PSMobile because people did not support it. And they gave it years to try and play out. By people I mean sufficient amounts. At some point a company has to cut funding in unsupported areas in order to bring those great features we all welcome in other departments.

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GribbleGrunger1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

'Psssst ... you should love the Playstation ... pass it on ...'

NatureOfLogic_1289d ago

Lmao, you can't make this stuff up. The meltdowns from PS4's success is getting really silly.

GribbleGrunger1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

That's why I made my comment silly. :)

August is going to be good but brace yourself for September.

Eonjay1289d ago

LOL because the most logical reason for PS4 dominance is now mind control.

GribbleGrunger1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@Eonjay: Yep, we wake up every morning in a cold sweat, clutching our pillows and dreaming of Playstation. Hell, if Sony made a fizzy drink out of gnats p**s we'd guzzle it down and enjoy every acidic drop. Someone said below that we think Sony are the second coming of Christ, which is factually incorrect. We think Sony are GOD ... Are they not ...?

Must watch this a few more times:

Eonjay1289d ago

Exactly. What are the chances that Microsoft is responsible for its own performance and that running a masterclass in bad PR should yield the kind of solid market deficit we currently see.

Volkama1288d ago

Psst... You should move your haystation... Pass it on.

Hmm Chinese whispers don't really have the same effect in type :-(

Gamingcapacity1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

'Psssst... you should groove in May's station... pass it on!'

Volkama1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Pssst... No hooves in the space station... Purple monkey dishwasher... Pass it on.

Spotie1287d ago

The worst part is that some actually believe this. I'd like to believe they're just messing around, but some of them...

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aLucidMind1289d ago

I used to love my PlayStation... until the fan cut my junk up something bad. /stupidjoke

Potnoodle9991289d ago

Wow, what a load of crap, I stopped reading here:

"However, there is no denying the game industry has a secret love affair with the PlayStation. They can’t admit it outright, but it’s there."

Even if this stupid statement was true, it only happened in the past year! Please tell me why ps shouldn't get a turn considering there was definately an irrational love affair between the gaming industry and the xbox 360. Microsoft dug there own grave here and I think every gamer who has turned into a Sony fanboy is simply trying to rub it in there face, and rightly so, MS deserve it. And in a few years sony will probably make a colossal screw up because this is just swings and roundabouts.
I love sony exclusives, you don't get games like them anywhere else(the last of us is the pinnacle of them). Xbox have some great games to but I get better experiences from PS.
I also love Nintendo games more than xbox, it all just comes down to preferences and calling people fanboys just to try and make out that only your opinion is valid is pathetic.
And I completely agree that Ps fanboys are way worse than xboxs right now. But I guess a lot of people weren't paying attention when the 360 came out and sony fans just got smacked down as soon as they posted a comment online. And gaming was WAY smaller back then, I was 9 years ago and that's the only reason people think this is worse, it's because the internet is far more vocal now.
Anyway this is a clickbait article lol
Just stick to your console of choice and try and keep an open mind to the other ones and you 100% WILL find experiences you like on there to, I've never seen a console that didn't have games I like and if anyone says they have then they truly are deluded :D
Rant over lol XD

JP13691289d ago

You really don't have to explain yourself to the author of this delusional article. However, I will suggest that you, a member of our secret club, do the following:

Story Quality?: WTF?
Like this website?: No

MysticStrummer1289d ago

I love PS because I loved PS1, PS2, and PS3. It's too early to say PS4 will live up to those but I see no reason to doubt it.

DLConspiracy1289d ago

Until you call PS customer service... :p

SilentNegotiator1289d ago

The desperation continues. This "PS4 is only popular because of teh hypez!!" crap is getting really sad.

MasterCornholio1288d ago

These people are just pathetic in my opinion. After three generations they should know why the PlayStation brand is loved by the majority of gamers.

rainslacker1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Guess it was easier for them last gen when they could just say the PS3 was doomed because of the US sales discrepancies. Can't do that this gen, so they're moving on to firstly secret sauce articles, then downplay the hype articles, then one game to rule them all articles, and now conspiracy theories.

Eddie201011289d ago

I made up my own mind to buy the PS4 based on Sony having the best first party studios, best hardware (Fact not fiction) best hardware design and small form factor, best version of most third party games and I am not just talking resolution, virtually no screen tearing and stuttering in PS4 games. I own both and I am much happier with my PS4 than I am with My Xbox One.

Eddie201011289d ago

He's being more manipulative (trying to sway opinion) with his article than the gaming industry ever has.

Dirty Fanboy that he is.

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Relientk771289d ago

No its because they've been giving me the best games ever since the PlayStation 1

Agent20091289d ago

Wait. I don't love PlayStation!

Alicornium1289d ago

I was born playing Playstation, but I also love playing on Xbox. Is there something wrong with playing on a gaming console of your choice? I don't think so, and neither should you.

Godmars2901289d ago

If the title were in anyway true, then the negativity towards the PS3 never happened, and the first Xbox wouldn't have wound up as it did.

DigitalRaptor1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I know… what a trash article.

Was I secretly told to love Nintendo, Valve and Sega as well?