GamesBeat: Killing Floor 2 will have ‘the most dynamic video game gore system in history’ (preview)

Tripwire interactive promises lots and lots of blood in the sequel to 2009's Killing Floor.

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Sadie21001386d ago

Blood will be to this game what water was to BioShock 1.

ColManischewitz1386d ago

A promise of gore does not a good game make. Wonder if this will be a good game as well as gory?

Pandamobile1386d ago

It's Killing Floor; of course it'll be good.

Patrick_pk441386d ago

Have you ever played Killing Floor? It wipes out all zombie survival games.

JsonHenry1385d ago

If it was just like the first one with better graphics it would be a very good game.

But then add in all the new stuff on top of it?

TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheShrew1386d ago

The game is pretty far from release, but they definitely have one aspect locked down...

ps4fanboy1386d ago

Soldier of fortune 2 I recall had limb removal and guts and bones.

billybehr1386d ago

Looks cool. I've never even heard of the first Killing Floor. But I also don't own a decent PC, so I'm not to keen on PC only games.

user56695101385d ago

Translation : I don't own a gaming pc so therefore every pc game I'm not interested in.

Console only gamers miss a lot of games thinking like this. I wonder can you call that a gamer when you try ignore what's on a platform because you don't play on it. I guess that's why a lot of people thought multiplats was exclusives on xb360 last Gen.

billybehr1383d ago

Your translation isn't correct. I don't play PC games because I don't prefer it. I also don't know much about PC games, therefore I don't make claims that I know all about them either. I was simply stating it looked cool. It would be nice to play the game, however I don't want to invest money in a gaming PC. I can co-exist with any platform, but clearly you can't. Don't be such a jerk when I was just making a general comment. You're giving your platform a bad name.

user56695101382d ago

I don't have a platform, just a soapbox

JsonHenry1385d ago

The game is fun and just about any PC with even a low end GPU in it can run the first one. You should really give it a try. Its cheap and one of the most fun team based zombie games ever made.

billybehr1383d ago

Thank you Json! I'll be sure to check it out.