Lack of Backwards Compatibility is Hurting Current Gen Consoles

Gamer Headlines: While the top three selling games in 2014 so far have been for current gen consoles, the top sellers list as a whole is lousy with last gen titles. PS3 has sold over twice as many games this year as PS4, while X360 has sold more than three times what XBO has. There's no doubt that the last generation of consoles is still thriving, and it is hurting the success of the current generation.

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Neonridr1468d ago

why is it hurting? It's giving the devs the perfect excuse of just taking their older titles and just giving them an HD coat of polish. Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Metro, GTA V, Sleeping Dogs, etc, etc..

lilbroRx1467d ago

See, I've been having a huge problem with that.

PS3/360 games are HD. So how can you make something HD into HD? The next step is 2k and no console can do that in a game.

xDHAV0K24x1468d ago

Not hurting me. 360 in the bedroom with the 40'' and the XB1 in the living room with the 52"

OrangePowerz1468d ago

Wow a platform that sold over 80 million units has higher software sales than a platform that doesn't even have 10 million sold units? What a surprise /s

RantandRave1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I don't believe it is hurting next gen in the slightest, they're still making money off of pre gen and next gen. If Microsoft or Sony were to have included backwards compatibility then all you would see within articles is complaints about pricing and statements like "I'm not buying this console until the [email protected]#$% price comes down" or "It better have everything I want or I'm not buying it".

Companies are in business to make money and know that they CAN'T PLEASE everyone and ultimately something has to be sacrificed to keep the console affordable(PS3 backwards compatibility/price...sound familiar?) Enough with the whining. Wake up and realize you can't have your cake and eat it too!(well, unless you own a bakery lol) Just saying.

godofboobees1468d ago

Because everybody buys a new console to play old games right? Pitiful gamers

Justindark1467d ago

real games go back to there games. then again most ps3 and 360 games have no reason to go back too. they are a few though.

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