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Submitted by MightyNoX 548d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft ads imply Xbox is losing to PS4 ... but at least they're still fighting

The first Rocky film introduced us to a fighter who no one thought could succeed. It's the ultimate underdog story, and it's interesting how many people forget that Rocky lost in the first film. - Ben Kuchera, Polygon (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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Catoplepas  +   548d ago | Well said
The difference being that you actually rooted for Rocky Balboa.......
ethomaz  +   548d ago
Well Kuchera is rooting for MS :D
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MightyNoX  +   548d ago
The article also seems to resign that the Xbox is losing, which is a HUGE shock for me considering Kuchera wrote it.

He's been blasting about how "Dear sony, you're number one but Xbox is coming for you" and now this? *whiplash*
darthv72  +   548d ago
So would this be like Rocky 3 then? Rocky lost to Clubber Lang but then came back at the end to win.

Is that what this implies? If so then who is going to be the Apollo Creed to help motivate MS to get that eye of the tiger?
ethomaz  +   548d ago

That is why I laugh reading the article... he get something bad and make it looks good. It is like... hey guys MS is losing but it is all good.

The article is all positive.
MightyNoX  +   548d ago
@ethomaz: So basically he's being all IGN "Don't look deeply into it."

Oh, now I get it. :P
denawayne  +   548d ago
Losing to a competitor and losing financially are two very different things. Once there are some must have exclusives for Xbox One, the Xbox brand will be fine.
Mr Pumblechook  +   548d ago
This is why Polygon's relationship with Microsoft needs to be investigated:

He takes bad MS news and tries to sell to readers that MS is the underdog and you should root for them. BBC journalists are banned from showing personal bias.
Pogmathoin  +   548d ago
This does nothing other than remind me that the Rocky movies were crap....
MysticStrummer  +   548d ago
@denawayne - "Losing to a competitor and losing financially are two very different things."
SilentNegotiator  +   548d ago
"This is why Polygon's relationship with Microsoft needs to be investigated"

No need. It's a fact that MS funded Polygon's creation.
UltimateMaster  +   548d ago
Adds have virtually no effect on their fanbase.
If people were to purchase an Xbox One over a PS4, they would have done so with the arrival of Titanfall and that publicity blitz.
Bzone24  +   548d ago

Where in the article you linked does it say they are losing financially?
ThanatosDMC  +   548d ago
What surprises me more is i thought we got rid of Polygon from N4G since they were spouting so much rubbish but now they're back on n4g. Wonder what happened.
bandit905  +   548d ago
the cloud that's whos gonna be the eye of the tiger lol
ZombieKiller  +   547d ago

Let's hope not though, Sony needs some good competition. We as the gamers, keep gaining the benefit by these companies going neck in neck with each other. Plus, I like my 360 if not for it being a MS branded item.....greedy bastards.

@Superman below me: Dude rooting for the xbox won't help, it's buying it that would, and no thank you. I refuse to support a company that won't support my gaming habits the way I want. It's not the system that sucks, it's the manufacturer.
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morganfell  +   547d ago
Kuchera is unable to grasp that movies are not reality. Now in his desperation he has taken to hoping for a fairy tale ending (from his point of view. I think of it as a horror flick). I missed the first part of the Rocky story, Rocky the Thug where he extorts money from people and robs them of their rights.
iamnsuperman  +   548d ago
Why not root for the Xbox. It isn't a bad system.
darthv72  +   548d ago
The disagrees feel differently but's not a bad system. Just the management of it is questionable.
fr0sty  +   548d ago
It wouldn't be a bad system if it weren't for the company running it. Their insistence of putting things behind a paywall that have no business being there (though they have improved in that respect, still a long way to go), their insistence on charging the same or more for weaker hardware, their lack of dedicated first party support and heavily reliance on third party (which is biting them in the ass now, since many of their exclusives are now coming to other platforms), their attempts to shove DRM down our throats which they are still trying to pull off by making people think that a game needs internet connectivity for "cloud powah!"... I could go on and on about all their fumbles, but you get the point.

I really think the Xbox brand would function better under a new company. It has the name recognition needed to succeed. The only reason it isn't is Microsoft. They won't let it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   548d ago
No, no its not.

Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC Ori And The Blind Forest and possibly even Forza Horizon 2 for me this year.

Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Halo 5 next year. Hopefully Crack Down 3 and my all time most anticipated game Phantom Dust next year (again hopefully).

Yep its a terrible console.

Disagree and cry all you want I'll be having fun and that's all that matters.

I own the console so all the negativity should concern the ones you know, the ones who bought it.
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donthate  +   548d ago

I find it interesting that you don't have the same comment for your favorite console, PS4. I mean, after the recent denying EA Access debacle, and marketing shenanigans at Sony, I would think Sony's management isn't in the best interest for the players.

I think the article is right, in the history of gaming there has never been another console manufacturer that has been so willing to react so fast to any changes the public wants (even if that is comes from mis-information). I think this is a real testament to management in Xbox division.
700p  +   548d ago
Xbox is a great console. Constant updates and plenty of games/exclusives coming during the holidays. :)
Abash  +   548d ago
Yeah, Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves for their sales situation with the Xbox One. I do have to say though that the PS4 is a hard product to compete with, even if the Xbox One launched at $400
bleedsoe9mm  +   548d ago
anyone rooting for sony to have a monopoly is rooting against there own interest
johndoe11211  +   548d ago | Well said
No one is rooting for sony to have a monopoly, they're just rooting for microsoft to go to hell. If you don't get that by now then you haven't been listening to or understanding the gaming community for the past year and a half.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   548d ago
@johndoe11211 yes allot of people on n4g are rooting for a sony monopoly , its myopic not to remember how sony got to the place they are today policy put in place to combat bad policies from 7 years ago . ms has gone back on every bad policy that people didn't like , and people that should know better still are holding a grudge .

@MysticStrummer until devs start making multiplats for wiiu or steam boxes gain more ground in the living room , sony would have the market all to themselves .
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MysticStrummer  +   548d ago
If MS left the console business entirely Sony still wouldn't have a monopoly.
Major_Glitch  +   548d ago
@bleed go ahead and quote one person that actually said they want a Sony monopoly. Go ahead I'll wait.
OT: The PS4 is beating the xbone and it's beating it hard. Fact. End of story. And you know who's to blame for the xbone's horrible start this gen? MS. Fact. End of story. You ms fanboys just need to face facts. The people have spoken with their wallets, and they've overwhelming chosen the PS4.
iceman06  +   548d ago
I could counter that with anyone rooting for MS to succeed while doing what they were doing is rooting against their own interests. That's why voices raised up. That's why changes were made. That's why MS is far less arrogant today than a year ago. This ad proves it. When was the last time that MS admitted to losing a fight? In the end, there wouldn't be a Sony monopoly. There are MANY companies chomping at the bit to get into the console space. But, most people don't see room for them to grow now. If MS left, not saying that they should or would, the others would step right in and compete. That's basically how MS got here in the first place. They stepped in when Sega dropped out.
BX81  +   548d ago
If ms left the industry we would be fu$ked into a corner. Ask your self where psn would be right now if xbl didn't set a standard. All they would have to do is be a little better than nintendo's online setup, and let's just say it ain't the best. The same goes if Sony wasn't here, ms wouldn't be where it's at. Like it or not your favorite company is where it's at because of competition. Take that away and let the regressing commence.
@ iceman
Now that the changes are made move along. No point in beating a dead horse. I'm not saying walk blindly believing everything or forget but damn give credit to those who are making it right.
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gootimes  +   548d ago
Every company that entered the console business brought something great to the table and helped move the industry forward, even if they didn't last. If Micro leaves there will be another great company to enter and do their own thing to help shape the industry...
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Ryan_McN   547d ago | Spam
Aceman18  +   548d ago
Man this guy Ben has some serious mommy/daddy issues lol. All he ever does us whine about Sony this Sony that, and how MS is for the people blah, blah, blah lol.

He's truly a sad individual lol.
headblackman  +   548d ago
im rooting for microsoft and the xbox one and im sure there are many do the same.

im a proud xbox one owner. wouldn't change it for nothing!
Jonny5isalive  +   548d ago
Anyone who thought the ps4 would not dominate even before last year was cluless. After the reveal of the systems It was beyond obvious that my prediction would come true.

MS just has no chance in the world. Xbox will be remembered for helping to bring more PC games to consoles and console games to PC. Only the xbox will be gone and it will be PC, PS and nintendo. Unless MS wants to continue to try and support a console that will make them no money, and has no hopes to having a successful followup console. ALl ground they gained with 360, completely lost long before the XB1 launched. Xbox got soft, xbox got dropped... off a cliff onto spikes.

edit-- ok so I exaggerated a bit, but I had a feeling PS would rise to the top this gen. NIntendo had no chance to win again with an underpowered console. Their hopes to get more 3rd party titles with go out the window for good once support for ps3/360 dries up. Xbox well, Ive felt for a long time they could have kept bungie and let them work on destiny, im guessing tehy wanted them to make halo. Kinnect was a good seller for a year or 2 but sucked after taht and never had any good games. Xbox bosses of all people couldnt even figure out to make a kinnect game with a gun that you hide behind cover in your living room. THen they talk about getting more exclusives after letting theri best developer make their new game on their competitors more powerful console with year DLC. But their biggest mistake was not using their money to make a console that sony COULDT financially build on a spec level. These APUs are CHEAP AS DIRT and in 2 years these console will be alot cheaper to produce. They could have gotten more sales if they invested in a more powerful console.
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Ryan_McN   547d ago | Spam
k2d  +   548d ago
Polygon - fortelling the Return of The king, or singing Xb's swan song?
DOOMZ  +   547d ago
I'm rooting for XBOX! I hope all game companies do well... In the end, us gamers WIN!!!
ethomaz  +   548d ago
lol Polygon again.
Tony-A  +   548d ago
From the article:

"It's interesting that Microsoft is willing to more or less state that it's in the No. 2 spot, but that it's going to keep fighting."

But it's not No. 2. It's actually No. 3.

I'm not saying it's going to end this generation in last place, but I don't like how Nintendo is ignored every generation during sales talk (even though it's mostly their fault). They frickin won last generation! Obviously speaking sales talk here and not quantity of great games ", although there were some.

With a sudden strong showing from Nintendo lately, Microsoft needs to get over the first hill before climbing the mountain. It's pretty clear that there is a very large gap growing between the PS4 and the other two; the other two are actually closer in weekly, monthly and cumulative sales.

I feel like no matter how well Nintendo does, it's always PS vs Xbox.
UnHoly_One  +   548d ago
These companies make more money off the games they sell for their consoles than they do off selling the actual consoles.

Nintendo may have sold the most consoles, but they didn't sell jack squat for games compared to Sony and MS.

That is why they aren't really mentioned. Well that, and the fact that they are kind of off in their own little world with a slightly different product.

They really aren't competing directly with Sony and MS.
Tedakin  +   548d ago
Yeah weird right? That's how it was last gen. Wii mopped the floor with 360 and Ps3, yet even then it's like it didn't matter. It was always Sony vs MS. I think cause the power of the Wii systems is always so much less and they don't get the third party support so they're put into their own category.
hkgamer  +   548d ago
its because of the graphical power of the consoles. its not capable of running the so called games that we like. we as mean people who go on these sites.

last generation was main about cod and also many other big franchises that were multiplat. nintendo didnt have any of these.

why do you care about which company making more money?

anyway, wii sold the most consoles. made the most money per hardware sold, sold the most peripherals and surprise surprise sold the most retail games.
XiMasterChief  +   548d ago
The only reason the Wii sold that much is because it was something new in at that time. Also it's Nintendo.
Kavorklestein  +   547d ago
I have to say, I'm MORE impressed that MS could supposedly "lose billions" with each console that comes out, and STILL not stop trying to bring us entertainment.
If any company doesn't give it their best, then they are the wrong company to support. If you have not other option then yeah, okay... go the way of Sega. They threw in the towel when it was time.

Microsoft? They can keep fighting for a while, the doom and gloom is just part of insecure losers doing what they do best, like they can only feel good if they are putting something/someone else down. I personally am just gonna stay optimistic, and if this continues for another two years, however... Then maybe it will be time to ask question about how successful vs. unsuccessful the Xbox one is.

People are to anxious to have their fanboy wet-dreams come true and look even more foolish than if they said nothing in the first place.

Let's just be patient, and we may all be surprised at what happens. For better OR worse.
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danny818  +   548d ago
Lol thats just ridiculous. Its a motivational speech. Most likely they are inpluing when you are losing a match in multiplayer or in a game. Plus they made more money than playstation lol
UnHoly_One  +   548d ago
I'm glad somebody else got that.

The speech is literally just speaking to the player about playing games, and has nothing to do with the console itself or any imaginary "winning" or "losing" battle in the "console war".

Stupid article.
danny818  +   548d ago
Flamebait article and all the ponys are makinh a campfire and dancing around it
ThanatosDMC  +   548d ago
I thought it was the other way around. It's trying to paint Xbone as the underdog and they one that would dominate in the end. You guys might want to reread it.

It's actually hilarious that y'all are interpreting it as something else. The author is a huge xbox fanboy too. Gotta remove your thick fanboy glasses because that's friendly fire.
UnHoly_One  +   548d ago
I'm not talking about the stupid article, I'm talking about the ad he wrote the article about.

YOU need to go back and watch that.

Anyone that thinks that ad has anything to do with PS4 and the console wars is outside their mind.
rainslacker  +   548d ago
I've seen these commercials several times, and not until I read this article had I considered that it was MS saying that they were behind Sony, but they could make a comeback in the end.

Seemed to me to be more about making people feel that they could do anything on the Xbox One, because the speech is targeted at the buyers. Saying, no matter how far the chips are down(in any game you may be playing), you can overcome it...which is the way most games are presented anyhow...overcoming insurmountable odds.

I highly doubt MS would try and play the underdog position this early in the console's life span. It shows a position of weakness, which they never do. They always stress the positive side of their products, no matter how much they may suck, or how poorly they're doing(not saying X1 sucks BTW, but in relation to many of their other products).
danny818  +   548d ago
Im sure they are happy sales are better than the 360 in closing in on the first year. I just think they feel abit overwhelmed with sony using that as a strong arm on their marketing
Bonkerz  +   548d ago
The sad thing is, Sony has you guys under them so badly that you cannot see that the X1 has become 100% better than the PS4 all around. Better games, actual AAA exclusives, better network, better apps.. It is crazy, you guy are worse than Apple fanboys. You guys are getting a half baked racing game, and a childs game this year lol.

@Scatpants.. So Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, and the best racing game ever dont beat the worst infamous made, and a childrens game? Driveclub doesnt even count since it doesnt become a full game until 2015, its launching 80% undone.
#4 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(66) | Report | Reply
-Foxtrot  +   548d ago | Well said
The only crazy person here is you
Cryptcuzz  +   548d ago
That is for damn sure.

Well, people don't call him Bonkerz, for nothing if he wasn't crazy :D
ThanatosDMC  +   548d ago
Foxtrot, you made me smile and laugh after pos work day. Thank you.

OT: Lol. Nvm. Still funny.
Scatpants  +   548d ago
Really because the last game I bought for it was Titanfall months ago and there are only 2 exclusives coming up that I want for it.
CervantesPR  +   548d ago
Ps4 has more retail games and AAA games than xbox one do the math
xDHAV0K24x  +   548d ago
no denying that. just not for me
stripe814  +   548d ago
saddest thing is that you yourself cant seem to look the obvious reasons why more 360 users switch jump dive and buy the ps4...

oh i see the bitterness...leave britney alone!!!!! wahaha
Castle333  +   548d ago
SoapShoes  +   548d ago
Best racing game ever? Forza? lol Forza 5 was the worst in the series so far. How's that N'Ring treating you? Oh wait it's not...
Volkama  +   548d ago
The track was added in a free update a few months ago (e3 time).

Forza 5 is actually a really good game, if you don't hold forza 4 against it. And considering just about everything in it was built from scratch, it's a little unfair to hold forza 4 against it.
SKnight13  +   548d ago
Wasn't that a free track that was added at E3. Pretty sure it was.
Septic  +   548d ago
You failed there n_n

Wow! you've gone bonkers today!
'better games'
you mean 3rd party games always runs better on PS4.
'actual AAA exclusives'
ryse coming to PC along with DR3, plants vs zombies.
'you guys are getting a half-baked racing game'
hardcopy and PS+edition of driveclub is coming out, and can upgrade to full version of it. Try harder!
#4.6 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   548d ago
"Better games"

Nope…. That is 100% opinion, but the majority opinion is that… PS4 has better rated games:

"actual AAA exclusives"

PS4 has more actual exclusives, even if you disregard the indies, games also on PC, and even games that are also on PS3.

Xbone exclusive lineup so far is practically ALL third-party games that are more or less ALL coming to PC or PS4. Many of the games you call "actual exclusives" are also on PC from the very start.

"better network"

Proof or GTFO. There's literally nothing you can say to prove this, and obviously you're still pretending that PSN is still in 2008 stages.

"better apps"

It has more apps. And that doesn't matter to any gamer.

"You guys are getting a half baked racing game, and a childs game this year lol. "

We are getting an arcade racer that is about as complete as ANY arcade racer that has been out in the past decade. Is sad that you resort to downplaying a game that shares the Project Gotham DNA, but if and when that particular Xbox exclusive makes an appearance, you won't be hating on something like that. You're so transparent.

LittleBigPlanet has been a series enjoyed by adults and kids and until the console war got so aggressive that an amazing quality game is actually considered a bad thing because certain bitter individuals consider it a "child's game".

LBP won plenty of GOTY awards in 2008, and that is voted by ADULTS.

No gamer complains about Nintendo's lineup having an AWESOME game like Super Mario 3D World. You can call that a "child's game" if you want… but that was also a GOTY contender last year too. I'm truly sorry that the diversity of a platform offends you.

PlayStation gamers seem to appreciate that which you cannot.

And yet… those 2 games are not even the end of PS4's lineup for the rest of this year, but you're just another desperate, crazy Xbox fanboy pretending that Sony don't have just as many PS4 "exclusives" as Microsoft has for their Xbone.
#4.7 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
KirbysDump  +   548d ago
stick lbp and uncharted. suckage
Spotie  +   548d ago
The sad thing is: Microsoft has guys like you so under them you actually believe this nonsense you spew.
rainslacker  +   548d ago
The worst infamous ever made is still a damn good game. Seems that both companies are about on par with the AAA exclusives, better games is purely subjective, as there is only really one game that interests me on the X1(Quantum Break), whereas Xbox fans may be in the reverse situation, better network...they both perform about the same from what I can tell, better apps....don't care, I play games, not apps.

I also would never consider Forza to be the best racing game ever. Maybe in comparison to Need for Speed(only other racing game available on next gen), but best ever? Really? Even Gran Turismo isn't the best racer ever made, and I absolutely love that game and would choose it over the last Forza any day.

The sad thing is that you will keep holding on to a position that you have because you want it to be true. In some cases, some things you mention may be true for you. In the meantime, the PS4 is selling like crazy, and is the fastest selling console of all time. No matter what you may believe, there are many people who disagree with you, unless you believe that everyone that's purchased a PS4 to date is a rabid fan boy under Sony's magical spell.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   548d ago

" Better games, actual AAA exclusives, better network, better apps.. It is crazy, you guy are worse than Apple fanboys. You guys are getting a half baked racing game, and a childs game this year lol."

Better games, last I checked...PS4 games ranked higher than X1...and selling better on PS4 as well. AAA exclusives...Sony has more, and not losing their AAA games to PC development. Network is quite even now...I've played on both many times, not much of difference now. Better apps, I'll give that to's their main focus over gaming...PS4 is gaming first, could care less about apps and ads plastered all over my home screen on PS4.

And a half baked racing game...Forza 5 owns that category.
Next-gen racing game that comes with less than its predecessor and doesn’t feature things like weather too.

And a child's game this year...drum roll please...introducing?
Ages 10...GTFO!
Scatpants  +   548d ago
It's their own fault for designing a weak system. If their system architects really thought that hitting 1080p wasn't a big deal they should be fired because it has cost Microsoft hundreds of millions in sales.
creatchee  +   548d ago
The initial price point of $499 brought on by mandatory Kinect, along with DRM confusion is what has cost them sales more than anything.

If Microsoft launched Xbox One as it is available now, 399 without Kinect and 499 with it, no DRM or paywall, etc, the race in North America would have been a massacre in Microsoft's favor. Worldwide obviously would have been a different story, but it would have been a repeat of last gen. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot not with the 180's themselves, but with the fact that they needed to do 180's in the first place. Now, they're lagging behind because a lot of early next-gen adopters went to a PS4 instead of an Xbox One. They're doing better now, but the problems that they had prelaunch, even though they are fixed, continue to haunt them.
TFJWM  +   548d ago
Umm the only time Xbox ever massacred PS in sales was after the 360 was released till the PS3 was released
MRMagoo123  +   548d ago
Yes it was a massacre in the US because they had the console out a year before and then Sony still sold more world wide with a year and a half deficit to combat. If that doesn't show you how strong the playstation brand is you are blind.

TLDR MS can't beat Sony no matter what they do.
creatchee  +   548d ago
In the U.S./N.A. (which I explicitly stated I was talking about) the numbers sold are:

Xbox 360: 47.28 million
PS3: 28.57 million

Is that not a massacre? Also, I simply do not care about worldwide numbers for this argument. I was stating that things would be a lot different on their home turf if they launched with the better price, options, and policies.
rainslacker  +   548d ago
Massacre may be pushing it unless the power of the system was on par with the PS4. It would have certainly performed better though.

You have to remember, those first few months of sales are predominately informed gamers who are going to choose the system they feel is best for them.

Outside of power and price, the games situation in the first few months was pretty much equal, with MS having a slight edge due to Forza.

You also assume that a console that sells well one gen will do equally as well the next gen. That isn't always the case.

In the end, it's all just a speculation debate. The cards have been dealt, and we can only see what happens from here on out.
#5.1.4 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Brettman2008  +   548d ago
PS1 and PS2 dominated NA. PS4 is just restoring the natural order in NA.
TFJWM  +   548d ago
"In the U.S./N.A. (which I explicitly stated I was talking about) the numbers sold are:

Xbox 360: 47.28 million
PS3: 28.57 million "

Adjust for VGchartz over tracking Xbox and under tracking PS and take away that every RROD is included in that

So no it wasn't, xbox won with by nice margin but it was no massacre

Do you also consider the PS4 to be massacring the XBox1 Worldwide now as well?
creatchee  +   546d ago

"Adjust for VGchartz over tracking Xbox and under tracking PS and take away that every RROD is included in that"

No. You don't take away any RROD. A bought console is a bought console. If you wreck a car and buy a new one, does that mean that you never bought the first one? Also, as far as I know, replacement consoles from the manufacturer don't count either, so that wouldn't matter. Also, if you could find a more concise total for NA, I'm all ears.
stripe814  +   548d ago
i saw this ads last night and i was like WTF? MS this is corny way to advertise your console as hell...anyway you cant blame them.
gamingisnotacrime  +   548d ago
Sure they can fight but the ps4 is no lame duck. Wonder if the xone will suffer early retirement. Hopefully not
xDHAV0K24x  +   548d ago
I won't lose! They have the games that I want
PFFT  +   548d ago
So what you are trying to say is that since the XB1 has the games you want whether they win or lose is all up to you?? I am sorry man but its time to wake up and smell the coffee. XB1 is getting spanked all over the place. Yes granted they will have some very nice exclusive that i myself would like to play and i am willing to re buy an XB1 to play them BUT the PS4 is slaughtering them.
christocolus  +   548d ago
Nice...quite funny.
timlot  +   548d ago
I wonder how Pepsi feels losing to Coca Cola? I mean PepsiCo is a successful company, but Coca cola been number one since the early 1900s. Maybe Pepsi should be spun off or something. I mean over hundred years as number 2. Thats just a terrible. :/
#10 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
MRMagoo123  +   548d ago
Xbox was third last gen and third this gen , that means last each gen, Pepsi would be 2nd out of thousands of drinks, xbone is 3rd out of 3 consoles.


"As long as they start putting out great games" Fixed it, and they might want to try keeping some games exclusive otherwise what's the point when they play better on pc or ps4.
#10.1 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
gamertk421  +   548d ago
Little early to say WiiU will beat xb1, init?
Ko_Uraki  +   548d ago
I like Microsoft's spirit.
AutoCad  +   548d ago
who cares if its losing, as long as they keep putting out great games it doesnt matter.
#12 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
TheFallenAngel  +   548d ago
Well I guess that one year headstart they had with the 360 really helped them. This time not so much. Playstation still the biggest brand in gaming.
quenomamen  +   548d ago
You can keep fighting and keep keep getting clocked in the head then end up like
( no disrespect to the greatest boxer of all time ) Ali, brain injured and incoherent.
Castle333  +   548d ago
Sugar Ray robinson wasnt brain dead when he past away. FYI Ali is self titled the G.O.A.T. But i get your point hehehe.
#14.1 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bosoxs505  +   548d ago
I am going to buy an Xbox One soon. The reason for this is because the Xbox's amazing exclusives coming out this year and beyond. I already own a PS4 and will keep it, but the console is acting like a 3rd Party machine right now because I already played TLOU on PS3 and beat Infamous.
iceman06  +   548d ago
Little confused on that one, saying as though the two games you named were first party and all of MS games are third party as well. But, to each his own. I have no issue with you liking the games more on Xbox. In fact, that is reason enough to purchase the Xbox One. No need for the rest because it's just not true. PS4 has more exclusives, more 1st party exclusives, and just overall more games available. That being said, neither console has a crap ton of "AAA" content at this point. But, that's to be expected this early in a console generation.
Predaking77  +   548d ago
Microsoft fighting in second place? Isn't the Wii u in second place?

Also, Microsoft preparing for round two? Sorry but this is like round 30!!!

Since the xbone reveal Microsoft has lost every round. The situation here looks more like a destroyed boxer in the floor almost unconscious telling "I swear I will do better now".

Microsoft underestimated their customers and though they could get away with that. They are paying the price now and it will be very difficult to change the xbone image.
hkgamer  +   548d ago
you can argue that wiiu is in 2nd place. but its just not in direct competition.

reasoning behind this is the multiplats. the consoles getting the same multiplats is ps4 and xbone. console holder gets around 25% i think, more for digital. so whoever sells more gets more money. which is where the competition is.

there are other factors to consider in competition. ps+ and live. both enabling online play and a similar subscription price.
optimus  +   548d ago
Everybody is missing the bigger picture here... These ads are brilliant in what they are trying to convey. The speeches are indeed inspirational and poignant to what's being shown on screen which are games (in game footage at that) and nothing more...
They are NOT targeting you gamers that are on n4g who follow gaming news and trends and have made up their minds on what system to get or have already. They are targeting those millions out there that can't decide yet or the parents that ONLY buy what they see and not what they read on the internet.

What they are SEEING with these ads are pretty cool games being displayed, full screen, and hearing these inspirational words that serve as an incentive to obtain that feeling by running out and buying these games available on the x1...they don't have some douchey kid telling them day in and day out that some of those games are also available for this and is THOSE people that these ads are aimed at, and they are well done.
#17 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   548d ago
Show lots of things, happening at once,
Remind everyone of what's going on.

In every shot show a little improvement,
To show it all would take to long.

That's called a montage.


Even Rocky had a montage......
Bathyj  +   548d ago
...always fade out in a montage...
Bathyj  +   548d ago
...If you fade out it seems like more time has passed in a montage.

mrpsychoticstalker  +   548d ago
The Xbox is a total success, I'm glad to have one since day one. It is only a matter of time for it to surpass the competition. Releasing in so many new territories this year will definitely boost sales of it.
Benjammin25  +   548d ago
The Xbox One is a decent console. It will do well. But outsell the PS4? Never. Let me make one thing clear. The One will never outsell the PS4 worldwide. It's just not going to happen. But that doesn't mean it can't be successful.
Brettman2008  +   548d ago
Releasing in the remaining territories will give Xbox One a 5 to 10% bump in sales at best. Xbox One has already released in the major markets.
700p  +   548d ago
I agree.
jnemesh  +   548d ago
If MS themselves are saying they are "losing", things are grim indeed! They are trying to set themselves up as an "underdog" instead of a "loser", but I think customers know better by now...they aren't fooling anyone but the ones who are already converted to their camp!

Regardless of the "commitment" that Nadella spoke of in his now infamous memo...if the Xbox One continues to sell at the levels it has this year, they will pull the plug on guess is in the Spring, after the "Tier 2" countries and Halo MCC fail to spur sales.
hkgamer  +   548d ago
it wont pull the plug. its selling.
its still getting multiplats and will continue along the lifeline. the ps4 and xbone are to similar for devs to not develop on the other console.
ScottyHoss  +   547d ago
The console itself is good, but I think I would only buy it if MS sold it to someone (Google? Please not Facebook)
KirbysDump  +   548d ago
let me say this if PS4 is for the masses then Xbox is for the elite.
hkgamer  +   548d ago
no, if ps4 is for the masses. than thats that.
why would the elite go for xbone?
HappyWithOneBubble  +   548d ago
A lot of salty xbox fans in this article. Let me grab some soda and popcorn. This is getting entertaining.
poor_cus_of_games  +   548d ago
Yup. Brightening my night up that's for sure.
LAWSON72  +   548d ago
I did not see the other newer game montage ad about MP. Now that was a good trailer and so is the other, but music should be in the montage. It is a step in the right direction, IMO they should do a family/kinect ad with games like Fantasia and Dance Central, and a kickass game montage showing the 3rd party partnership titles and the first/second party lineup. I get it they want to show focus on games, but having two identical ads pretty much is just stupid and could easily be combined into one ad.

Sony has a great ad with loads of stuff going on and catchy music. I think getting people excited after watching a commercial for a gaming console is key to being a successful ad. These definitely show the library for the holidays but other than the Halo cinematic I do not get excited. Sonys has Batman (its freakin Batman), Destiny (most hyped game of the year), and Big Boss (just being a boss). As a fan of all these I get excited, but soon after realize the system has nothing I want until Bloodborne.

MS just play some great fast beat music whether it be dubstep, electronic, or new alternative with geralt killing things, halo 2 and 5 cgi, crazy moments that shows the craziness of the game, killer features like the new activity feed, quick shots of Halo 2 Anniversary, Forza Horizon looking fast and stunning, and even throw in some indies.
#23 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LAWSON72  +   548d ago
Oh and Evolve monsters and of course CoD for the bro gamers. Just get people pumped for next gen, I own an Xbone and these still dont get me excited to own one eventhough I really like the thing. This maybe a tad off topic but everytime I see these ads I just can help but judge them because hell some one on YOutube could do a better job
#23.1 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
poor_cus_of_games  +   548d ago
I'm sorry people but Sony is the underdog and they are fighting hard to be number one. They deserve it. More customer focused. Unlike ms who don't even see the xbox brand as a core business. In real life I don't want to be some rich guys bitch. Same goes for a gaming company.
Brettman2008  +   548d ago
PS4 has not only galvanised all the PlayStation fans it has also brought across a lot of Xbox 360 owners. Any momentum that Xbox 360 had has been mostly lost.

PS4 will easily win this gen no matter what Microsoft does now. PS4 has better hardware, more games released, more games in development, better multiplatform games and more first party studios.
#25 (Edited 548d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Artista  +   548d ago
Journalists can be inspired by almost anything. Isn't it magnificent, how one can twist an ad enough to compose a controversial article out of it? Is it not?

Well, Whatever gets people talking about the Xbox One. Once Gamescon hits, we'll have new articles, I hope.
64commando  +   548d ago
I feel sorry for people stupid enough to root for the people who have lied for months to their customers and fans. MS is disgusting, and they have followers like sheep
Petebloodyonion  +   548d ago
And How did MS lied for months to the fans?

By actually listening to complaints from the customers and addressing them?
Let see:
We don't want DRM - Done before launch
We don't want Kinect - Done (and it still supported)
We want cheaper console - Done (same price or cheaper)

Plz name me one thing that MS didn't address.
BiggerBoss  +   548d ago
Although they changed many issues, they definitely lied to the consumers. "We can't just flip a switch",, "Xbox one will never be sold without kinect",, etc
Petebloodyonion  +   547d ago
Your right by the book it's a lie
but in case like this then all Company are Guilty
Ex. Sony saying the reason EA access isn't on ps4 is because they judge it's not good value to the consummer.
The Camera is important part of the ps4 with 0 software on it to this day.
The many vision change of the PS vita
At e3 2012 Wonderbook and it would have many software on it starting with Potter.etc...

My point is trying to put your vision of a product to consumers and real lie is 2 different things.

a real Lie would be Kinect never film you when it's turn off and we discover it does.

Doritos_Pope  +   548d ago
so, like, we're comparing a movie to the real world now?
People need to face reality now. The sales rate of Xbox One sales arent going to ever reach PS4 sales because last gen they had so many advantages. I didnt own the OG Xbox, but owned five 360s. Yes, two RROD'd and Im grateful MS replaced them. But I counted as five sales to them. In contrast, I own just a phat 80gb PS3 and a Slim 500gb. However, knowing how MS abandoned the OG Xbox and how they went with Kinect centric games in the last of the 360 years, I wont be touching a MS console ever again. I dont care if Ted Price gave another article of why Insomniac went with MS, I dont care if Ryse 2 has double the polygons and better gfx than the 1st. As a consumer, I just dont want to get burned by buying MS again and they cant regain my trust.
I'd trust Rocky.
But MS has thrown to many cheap shots my way to trust them.
Giantbomb82  +   548d ago
Did anyone buy a 360 at launch in 2005 and not eventually end up with a PS3 by the end of the generation cycle??? At one time or another. Same thing the other way, PS3 at launch and didn't end up with a 360 at some point years later. If people on this site are avid enough gamers and also have the means to be a early console adopter. Of course are going to end up with both systems eventually. So all this Console bickering is useless and hilarious. Idiots!!! Anyone who disagree's is lying to themselves. 4 years from now when the Xbox One is $250 with a ton of games and a slim model. Of course you'll have one. Same thing for Xbone fan boys regarding the PS4.
Doritos_Pope  +   548d ago
No. I disagree. Last gen I went 360/PS3. Im going PS4/Wii U this gen. See, all I hear on the MS side is more sequels, so in 4 years I wont care for Halo 6, Gears 5, Forza 8 or Fable 6 either.
Brettman2008  +   548d ago
I think most gamers only have one console, it is expensive enough with just one.
Giantbomb82  +   548d ago
So far... Infamous Sequel, Killzone sequel, and Last of Us port. And Uncharted 4 next year. So where's the difference between the two??? I'm looking forward more to Quantum Break than The Order.
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