Microsoft ads imply Xbox is losing to PS4 ... but at least they're still fighting

The first Rocky film introduced us to a fighter who no one thought could succeed. It's the ultimate underdog story, and it's interesting how many people forget that Rocky lost in the first film. - Ben Kuchera, Polygon

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Catoplepas1104d ago

The difference being that you actually rooted for Rocky Balboa.......

ethomaz1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Well Kuchera is rooting for MS :D

MightyNoX1104d ago

The article also seems to resign that the Xbox is losing, which is a HUGE shock for me considering Kuchera wrote it.

He's been blasting about how "Dear sony, you're number one but Xbox is coming for you" and now this? *whiplash*

darthv721104d ago

So would this be like Rocky 3 then? Rocky lost to Clubber Lang but then came back at the end to win.

Is that what this implies? If so then who is going to be the Apollo Creed to help motivate MS to get that eye of the tiger?

ethomaz1104d ago


That is why I laugh reading the article... he get something bad and make it looks good. It is like... hey guys MS is losing but it is all good.

The article is all positive.

MightyNoX1104d ago

@ethomaz: So basically he's being all IGN "Don't look deeply into it."

Oh, now I get it. :P

denawayne1104d ago

Losing to a competitor and losing financially are two very different things. Once there are some must have exclusives for Xbox One, the Xbox brand will be fine.

Mr Pumblechook1104d ago

This is why Polygon's relationship with Microsoft needs to be investigated:

He takes bad MS news and tries to sell to readers that MS is the underdog and you should root for them. BBC journalists are banned from showing personal bias.

Pogmathoin1104d ago

This does nothing other than remind me that the Rocky movies were crap....

MysticStrummer1104d ago

@denawayne - "Losing to a competitor and losing financially are two very different things."

SilentNegotiator1104d ago

"This is why Polygon's relationship with Microsoft needs to be investigated"

No need. It's a fact that MS funded Polygon's creation.

UltimateMaster1104d ago

Adds have virtually no effect on their fanbase.
If people were to purchase an Xbox One over a PS4, they would have done so with the arrival of Titanfall and that publicity blitz.

Bzone241104d ago


Where in the article you linked does it say they are losing financially?

ThanatosDMC1104d ago

What surprises me more is i thought we got rid of Polygon from N4G since they were spouting so much rubbish but now they're back on n4g. Wonder what happened.

bandit9051104d ago

the cloud that's whos gonna be the eye of the tiger lol

ZombieKiller1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )


Let's hope not though, Sony needs some good competition. We as the gamers, keep gaining the benefit by these companies going neck in neck with each other. Plus, I like my 360 if not for it being a MS branded item.....greedy bastards.

@Superman below me: Dude rooting for the xbox won't help, it's buying it that would, and no thank you. I refuse to support a company that won't support my gaming habits the way I want. It's not the system that sucks, it's the manufacturer.

morganfell1103d ago

Kuchera is unable to grasp that movies are not reality. Now in his desperation he has taken to hoping for a fairy tale ending (from his point of view. I think of it as a horror flick). I missed the first part of the Rocky story, Rocky the Thug where he extorts money from people and robs them of their rights.

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iamnsuperman1104d ago

Why not root for the Xbox. It isn't a bad system.

darthv721104d ago

The disagrees feel differently but's not a bad system. Just the management of it is questionable.

fr0sty1104d ago

It wouldn't be a bad system if it weren't for the company running it. Their insistence of putting things behind a paywall that have no business being there (though they have improved in that respect, still a long way to go), their insistence on charging the same or more for weaker hardware, their lack of dedicated first party support and heavily reliance on third party (which is biting them in the ass now, since many of their exclusives are now coming to other platforms), their attempts to shove DRM down our throats which they are still trying to pull off by making people think that a game needs internet connectivity for "cloud powah!"... I could go on and on about all their fumbles, but you get the point.

I really think the Xbox brand would function better under a new company. It has the name recognition needed to succeed. The only reason it isn't is Microsoft. They won't let it.

AngelicIceDiamond1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

No, no its not.

Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC Ori And The Blind Forest and possibly even Forza Horizon 2 for me this year.

Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Halo 5 next year. Hopefully Crack Down 3 and my all time most anticipated game Phantom Dust next year (again hopefully).

Yep its a terrible console.

Disagree and cry all you want I'll be having fun and that's all that matters.

I own the console so all the negativity should concern the ones you know, the ones who bought it.

donthate1104d ago


I find it interesting that you don't have the same comment for your favorite console, PS4. I mean, after the recent denying EA Access debacle, and marketing shenanigans at Sony, I would think Sony's management isn't in the best interest for the players.

I think the article is right, in the history of gaming there has never been another console manufacturer that has been so willing to react so fast to any changes the public wants (even if that is comes from mis-information). I think this is a real testament to management in Xbox division.

700p1104d ago

Xbox is a great console. Constant updates and plenty of games/exclusives coming during the holidays. :)

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Abash1104d ago

Yeah, Microsoft has no one to blame but themselves for their sales situation with the Xbox One. I do have to say though that the PS4 is a hard product to compete with, even if the Xbox One launched at $400

bleedsoe9mm1104d ago

anyone rooting for sony to have a monopoly is rooting against there own interest

johndoe112111104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

No one is rooting for sony to have a monopoly, they're just rooting for microsoft to go to hell. If you don't get that by now then you haven't been listening to or understanding the gaming community for the past year and a half.

bleedsoe9mm1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

@johndoe11211 yes allot of people on n4g are rooting for a sony monopoly , its myopic not to remember how sony got to the place they are today policy put in place to combat bad policies from 7 years ago . ms has gone back on every bad policy that people didn't like , and people that should know better still are holding a grudge .

@MysticStrummer until devs start making multiplats for wiiu or steam boxes gain more ground in the living room , sony would have the market all to themselves .

MysticStrummer1104d ago

If MS left the console business entirely Sony still wouldn't have a monopoly.

Major_Glitch1104d ago

@bleed go ahead and quote one person that actually said they want a Sony monopoly. Go ahead I'll wait.
OT: The PS4 is beating the xbone and it's beating it hard. Fact. End of story. And you know who's to blame for the xbone's horrible start this gen? MS. Fact. End of story. You ms fanboys just need to face facts. The people have spoken with their wallets, and they've overwhelming chosen the PS4.

iceman061104d ago

I could counter that with anyone rooting for MS to succeed while doing what they were doing is rooting against their own interests. That's why voices raised up. That's why changes were made. That's why MS is far less arrogant today than a year ago. This ad proves it. When was the last time that MS admitted to losing a fight? In the end, there wouldn't be a Sony monopoly. There are MANY companies chomping at the bit to get into the console space. But, most people don't see room for them to grow now. If MS left, not saying that they should or would, the others would step right in and compete. That's basically how MS got here in the first place. They stepped in when Sega dropped out.

BX811104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

If ms left the industry we would be fu$ked into a corner. Ask your self where psn would be right now if xbl didn't set a standard. All they would have to do is be a little better than nintendo's online setup, and let's just say it ain't the best. The same goes if Sony wasn't here, ms wouldn't be where it's at. Like it or not your favorite company is where it's at because of competition. Take that away and let the regressing commence.
@ iceman
Now that the changes are made move along. No point in beating a dead horse. I'm not saying walk blindly believing everything or forget but damn give credit to those who are making it right.

gootimes1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Every company that entered the console business brought something great to the table and helped move the industry forward, even if they didn't last. If Micro leaves there will be another great company to enter and do their own thing to help shape the industry...

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Aceman181104d ago

Man this guy Ben has some serious mommy/daddy issues lol. All he ever does us whine about Sony this Sony that, and how MS is for the people blah, blah, blah lol.

He's truly a sad individual lol.

headblackman1104d ago

im rooting for microsoft and the xbox one and im sure there are many do the same.

im a proud xbox one owner. wouldn't change it for nothing!