Steam beta update has a new UI, icon and loads of new features

Valve has released a new beta update for Steam in which the UI has been retouched and also comes with a new icon and with awesome new additions such as full 120fps browser, new fonts, music player, ability to hide games that you don’t like and Source Engine 2 dev tools which are currently in Alpha. Valve has also made lots of under-the-hood changes to how the steam scrolling works.

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DLConspiracy1509d ago

I actually really like it.

BTW If anyone is using Steam Skins you are gonna want to change the folder name of the skins. I had real issues trying to load Steam with them on. Makes sense since this is changing the look of steam. Best to let it update the new way and add the skins later when patched.

JackOfAllBlades1509d ago

"silky smooth like Internet Explorer 11" People still use IE?

Grave1509d ago

I love the new Steam skin.

Edvin19841509d ago

Been to busy playing The Last of US remaster...I need to go check it out. ill be on my PC a lot come february lol...there is this guy.. who casts spells and stuff and its third attempt haha.