Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America (11th June)

It is always interesting to find out what the most downloaded games are on the WiiWare service. Reviews can only guide people so far, it seems that sometimes what people actually end up buying is a bit random, or a first party Nintendo game of course!

We did a report on this last week so this week we have data to show how games have moved in a 7 day period. This list only applies for the USA region however, if you live somewhere else in the world to check for yourself why not log on to your Wii Shop channel and view "Popular Games" and post them below.

Here is the list for 11th June:

1 (1) - Dr Mario Online Rx
2 (2) - Defend your Castle
3 (N) - My Pokémon Ranch
4 (3) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (4) - TV Show King

(top 5 shown, click through to see the rest!)

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Smacktard3836d ago


Makes me lose faith when junk like TV Show King and Family Table Tennis or whatever are higher than Lost Winds.