Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Interview: A New Era of Modern Warfare

"Last year's Call of Duty Ghosts was a commercial success for Activision and Infinity Ward but it wasn't well received by fans. But given that Call of Duty Ghosts was a cross generation title which saw simultaneous release across six platforms, the developers can be forgiven for not taking series ahead in terms of innovation."

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Jacktrauma1351d ago

We'll see what they pull off here. I'm sure there will be a lot of people buying it off of brand alone, but it would be nice to see them buying for content instead. Then maybe companies like EA would realize content does in fact matter.

TimidPixel1351d ago

I really hope this live up to its potential. Hopefully we will all find out everything we need to know at the multiplayer reveal next week.

Heisenburger1351d ago

Totally. I think a lot of us skipped Ghosts, and. Would love to see the series return to its former glory. After all, the more good games the better.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081351d ago

I've never played a COD game ever since got into 1st person shooters,
and most of them are futuristic ones. This will be the first game of the series i'll get since it's set in the future! long as they nail the gameplay, story and multiplayer right. Can't wait to try this out.