Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Atlas Pro Collector’s Edition Gets a New Trailer

MP1st - Check out what’s in the jam-packed Atlas Pro Edition of Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare.

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TimidPixel1257d ago

Really want this one to be good and it looks like it has a lot of potential.

TheFreshestLlama1257d ago

I agree. It's been a while since I have looked forward to a CoD game. I just hope the new stuff isn't a trojan horse to try and get everyone to buy thinking they will be getting something fresh.

Heisenburger1257d ago

I am with you brother, but I don't see how the exoskeletons could be anything but a significant change, for the better.

paddy951257d ago

Looks a million times better than ghosts. This could be what COD needs. So far other than the name, it doesn't seem like a COD game.

MrSwankSinatra1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

120 dollars for a bunch of DLC, that they call a collectors edition? screw that! if anybody buys that Atlus Pro Edition then you're just flat out stupid. Sorry if that might hurt your feelings, but someone has to.

ShaqSoda1257d ago

Maybe if I see some mp gameplay first.

ScorpiusX1257d ago

Sweet, will they have a digital copy of these items .