Rogue Legacy Interview – Souls Inspiration, Vertigo, and Polygon Counts

"Somewhere amidst the constant attention we’ve been giving to Rogue Legacy this last week, we found the opportunity to put down the controller and ask Kenny Lee, the programmer and co-founder of Cellar Door Games, a few questions about the latest PlayStation indie title that we can only continue to rave about, and even get him to deliver a special message for people that judge indie titles." -PSLS

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theshredded1504d ago

My favorite indie game by far on ps4
another inspired game!

knifefight1504d ago

I love that the devs are supportive of a broad reach of gamers by putting this game on so many platforms. Now hoping they round it out by adding the 360 and XBO to the list. Everyone needs to be able to play this game.

ninjahunter1504d ago

I got this on my vita, since I had the day off i started playing it when i woke up, its been 8 hours, send help.

Jokes aside, its really fun, worth every penny.