Three new Bioshock PS3 screenshots

VG247: The headline isn't lying. Videogaming247's got three brand new Bioshock PS3 screenshots that are looking incredibly like the same Bioshock we played a year ago.

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Imallvol73842d ago

gah, who cares. This game is a year old. Whoever wanted to play it would have found a way too. Who cares about this when you got so many NEW good games coming out at the same time.

iHEARTboobs3842d ago

and i'm looking forward to it.

wolfehound223842d ago

I care I never got to play it. I don't have a 360 and my PC is garbage so I can't wait till this comes out.

yesah3842d ago

anyone who looks at quality, not release date will care...which is pretty much everyone.

Panthers3842d ago

I care. I never got to play it.

SmokingMonkey3842d ago

<<<<<scared to "jump in" 17% unacceptable for my toaster
<<<<<hates sitting in front of his computer to play games
Workstation VS Playstation

Panthers3842d ago

Oh I'm sorry. I guess I did get to play it. Thanks for reminding me...

CrazzyMan3842d ago

What a LOL. =)))

Now i understand, why x360 selling so poor, all it`s games after 1 year become worthless, lol.

tony3842d ago

what are you talking about? this is one the best games ever. you don't know what you are going to miss.

Fade_Walker3842d ago

I most certainly do care.

Sure I have 2 Bioshock Collector's Editions for 360, but Bioshock is worth the play though again and again. I would rather play Bioshock rather then Call of Duty 4 (I don't know about online because my connection sucks :(...

I am sure people will disagree, and that's fine. Call of Duty 4 was also a wild ride but Bioshock is my personal choice.

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Mr_President_3842d ago

there will be any new content. Otherwise I'll pick the 360 version at a bargain price.

LevDog3842d ago

It suppose to have all the DLC that 360 peeps had to pay for..

Shaka2K63842d ago

The superior version.

this looks alot better. even the PC version gets destroyed.

ps360fella3842d ago

lol urunnecessary fanboyism is sad

ScentlessApprentice73842d ago

You know what else is sad? Denial.

ps360fella3842d ago

yea i guess im not in denial by myself because the damn website says it too "
The headline isn’t lying. We’ve got three brand new Bioshock PS3 screenshots that are looking incredibly like the same Bioshock we played a year ago." i played bioshock a year ago on my xbox and seeing as i own a ps3 i have no reason to be in denial u retard.

poos33842d ago

WOW THIS GAME LOOKS TERRIBLE is this bioshock the texture on this version are soo rap plz some 1 post 360 shots these screens of the ps3 version looks like garbage.

PSMonster213842d ago

My man POOS, you take those English lessons yet? I even gave you money to pay for them. What did you spend it on, pot?

Maverick_3842d ago

hahah he said u sepnd your money on pot because you sound stupid, LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I find that freakin funny.

PoSTedUP3842d ago

LOL!, yoooooo, i read your comment and i cant stop laughing! thanks for pointing that out man! im fu*kin hysterical right now! poos3 you dumb mofo......hahahahahah.

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PoSTedUP3842d ago

im so not looking froward to this game dude.

too many on my agenda : )

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