B-TENdo - Goodbye, Dan Adelman

The B-TEN crew, including editor-in-chief Gabe Carey, content manager Jes Taylor, and freelance writer S'Vani Herrera, tunes in to discuss the recent departure of Nintendo indie boss Dan Adelman and what the near-future holds for Nintendo.

Also, what should the Wii U have been named? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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randomass1711508d ago

If they had called it Wii 2 there would have been less confusion that's for sure. Playstation has been doing it for a while and it works every time. It's a shame Nintendo lost such an ambitious guy. I hope their indie push doesn't suffer too much without him around.

MSBAUSTX1507d ago

If the indie push does suffer, at least the have just over 100 titles already coming and agreed upon. So it would be some time before we saw the indie games slow down. Should be more first party titles by then and several third party titles too. Should be ok for a while but it isnt good to loose someone who fought so hard for Nintendo.