10 Most Heroic Deaths in Video Games

Video games touch us in ways most media can't, and nowhere is this more recognized than when a beloved character bites the big one. Here are the 10 most heroic deaths in video games.

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crusf1198d ago

Final a top 10 list IN ONE PAGE! Truly a miracle!

OpieWinston1198d ago

WOW this list is bad... Am I being punked? I hate Top 10 lists that don't blatantly state that it's Satire.
The Wanderer from D2? Are you high?
Leeroy jenkins death? WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU ON KID?
Eli? He died very suddenly, and not at all heroicly.
Arthas? You mean the guy that took the most powerful sword and killed his father and continued down the path of power...Yeah what a heroic death he had........

No Dom from Gears? List is so bogus, should've just put "Satire" in the title.

Roccetarius1198d ago

After thinking about it for some time, the death of Dom was pointless. It was nothing more than a typical plot death for the sake of it.

andibandit1198d ago

What are you raving about....dom drove that truck into the enemy so the rest could escape

Imalwaysright1198d ago

I almost cried on that one.

HentaiMasterRace1198d ago

Yeah, I had a manly tear(not really, cried like a bitch)

Slashnez1198d ago

No Gray Fox? I mean, come on..

miguelr231198d ago

wut? Arthas? bait folks move along

Roccetarius1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

What's click baiting about Arthas? He sacrificed himself when picking up Frostmourne, and he knew the price.

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The story is too old to be commented.