New GTA Online DLC Coming Next Week, Announcement At Playstation GamesCom Conference, Is It Heists?

Grand Theft Auto Online will receive a brand new DLC this coming Tuesday i.e. August 12, 2014, the same day as Sony's GamesCom 2014 Playstation Conference, as per the details discovered by user who previously leaked details regarding Hipster and Independence DLC.

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ArtificiallyYours1468d ago

I CERTAINLY hope so, and for the love of god this shouldn't be restricted to any rank.

Holding onto hope /everyone/ can play what was supposed to be the main event For GTA Online.

fattyuk1468d ago

Does anyone really care for heists anymore??

LordMaim1468d ago

I do, but I'm sure that the enthusiasm has died down a lot since the release.

BattleTorn1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I don't care anymore about their transgressions, I've pre-ordered the remaster.

R* won. :(

SuperBlur1468d ago

They sure are winning greediest studio of the year in my book. Holding onto content that should have been there day one of GTA;O launch just to hype remaster version ? Unbelievable if thats the case.

Thats way worse than what EA Capcom and etc do on a daily basis , they actually lied on tv commercials , someone should sue them haha.

iceman061468d ago

LOL. I'm waiting to see when they are planning to add it so that I CAN pre-order. Hopefully, GameStop has a trade-in deal like they did with TLOU...I can do $25 with no problem. But, if it's just the game in the same state that it is now (albeit remastered), then I'll save my money.

iamnsuperman1468d ago

I stopped played a while a go. But I do care when they are going to turn up. It has been a while. I want to know why

the_mack_attack31468d ago

It would seem like the right time after so much speculation and 50,000 Gameranx articles about it, honestly can't take anymore!

305LoneWolf1468d ago

I hope its a Main story DLC

Blacktric1468d ago

They won't release a single player DLC without announcing it months before release. This is definitely for GTA Online and release date is just a speculation. Only backing for the release date is that the info for two DLCs released before (I'm Not A Hipster and Independence Day Special) have been leaked a week before they released thanks to people digging into HTML code of Xbox Live Marketplace. Rockstar obviously realized what happened with the last two so they put a generic name, description and a random release date in HTML code this time.

mafiahajeri1468d ago

Heists please competitive heists cops vs robbers type thing that would get me back.

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The story is too old to be commented.