The Case for One-Handed RPGs Continues

From the article, "This is a kick [Lucas White has] been on lately, a lingering pseudo-obsession scraping at the back of my head. I want to play RPGs, and I want to do it with one hand. Not because of anything weird, sheesh — I just want to relax. It’s the only way I can play RPGs with any hope of progression, much less completion. I was sailing through Dragon Quest VIII before my iPhone bit the dust. Now that I’m back in Android town, I’ve been plodding through some Final Fantasy V, and hungrily eyeing another version of Dragon Quest VIII. I’m, of course, struggling with motivation. On one hand, I’d have to start over from scratch, on the other, it doesn’t quite run as well as it did on the iPhone. Even then, it struggled at times to keep up."

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