Best PS4, PS3, PS Vita Games To Buy This August 2014

Buying a game can be a pricey investment and there is nothing worse than paying for something you know your not going to still be playing or enjoying in a few days, weeks or months time from now. So here is a list of this months best selling games to buy on all PlayStation's platform as chosen by PlayStation's Community members.

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danniellelewis1355d ago

Not surprise to see the last of us on as the number one game of the month. I reckon it could be the best game of 2014, with the limited offerings we've seen so far.

patelsanjeed1355d ago

I will be surprised if it makes best game of they year twice in a row, but it gets my vote thats for sure.

CuddlyREDRUM1355d ago

When The Godfather is released on Bluray do you expect it to win Oscars?

charliewong9801355d ago

Still loving Trials Fusion glad to see it on the list.

EdnaJones971355d ago

that game makes me pull my hair out. Its so freaking hard.

lisamorgan41355d ago

I like Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, two of my favorites so far on PS4.

henrythomas2841355d ago

Funny the best game of last year is still the best game of this month. I just can't wait till Destiny drops September 9th. I want to play something new already.

Frankskint1355d ago

Who else has played Guacamelee, that's what I am on right now. So much fun.

alvinmiller921355d ago

I haven't played it yet, worth buying eh?

I downloaded Pure Pool the other and have to say have been very impressed with the gameplay and visuals.

ArronNelson1355d ago

Pure pool is the most realistic simulator of pool i have seen. PM your PSN I will add you for a game if your up for it :)

shammgod1355d ago

Yep, guacamelee is great...hope they make a sequel for it!

Frankskint1353d ago

Yep looking forward to that.

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