Should Titan One and CronusMAX Owners Worry About Being Banned?

GeekParty writes: "The gaming community is still undecided about whether or not adapters like the Titan One and CronusMAX are kosher. These magic little machines give gamers the ability to play with their favorite controller regardless of the platform. So, if you prefer an arcade stick or a keyboard and mouse, the Titan One and CronusMax have you covered."

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Dark_Overlord1472d ago

I'm going to pick one of these up for one reason, customisable controls :) I hate using triggers to shoot (always have done, R1 and L1 are faster to activate), so for games that force you to use a single control style, this is a god send :)

TheNewSquid1472d ago

Yeah. Being able to play how you want is a huge benefit to this tech. Even if your preferences are super niche, you can control your games the way you think feels best.

creatchee1472d ago

The only problem is that certain adapters can cause input lag/imprecision in both controllers on a console. This is especially a potential problem in fighting game tournaments, where sometimes a combo requires timing ranging anywhere from 1/15 to 1/60 seconds. Chronus is banned often.

Dark_Overlord1472d ago

I believe the reason they're banned is due to programmable macro's.

Input lag is def a problem, but from the reviews the absolute most there ever is is 1 frame, most of the time though there is none :)

jwm21472d ago

These are usually just banned in tournament play and thats completely understandable. I've not heard of anyone ever being banned from online play when using one of these. Now lag switches are another matter altogether. Those I see being banned all the time. The lag on the Titan One is nonexistent. They have actually optimized the firmware on their device to work with the new hardware and are reporting less than 1ms of lag. Even when using the device with Bluetooth there is only 1ms of lag, but that is the same as if it were connected through Bluetooth directly.

iamnsuperman1472d ago

How would they know? I think users are safe until an update is made to detect such devices

rainslacker1472d ago

They likely wouldn't be banned, they'd just cut off the ability to use these devices.

lnfiniteLoop1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

so its OK to Hack, OK to use a LAGswitch, OK to boost, OK to use a Rapid Fire pad, and OK to Quickscope...

but your possibly gonna get banned if you a device that allows you to use a different pad or remap your keys... der!!! anyway I doubt people will get banned when all other offences above are ignored...

TuxedoMoon1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I honestly don't see anything wrong with having these things. It's a great option for those who want to go to a friends house and play on their system opposite of them. Plus, I'd rather get this and use whatever controllers I have rather than buying new ones.

It's just an option and it won't destroy console gaming. Using a ps controller on an xbox is no different than using a fight stick or something. It's just a different way to play that's comfortable for that gamer.

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