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From the onset, The Last of Us sets out to weave a tale of survival and struggle. It accomplishes this in every way, but Naughty Dog’s unflinching devotion to this ideal results in something unfamiliar. The emotion is real, as are the characters residing in its universe, but you never feel really good playing it. Perhaps we aren't supposed to. We relate and sympathize with The Last of Us’ plight, but do we want to return?

I suppose that is the point and nowhere is this single-minded focus more clear than the finale, which is shockingly human in its flaws and, as a testament, almost made me sick. Never wavering from its theme is the highest compliment to be paid here, but after all we went through together, don’t we deserve more? In the end, The Last of Us may leave the player suffering as much as the in-game world has, but maybe that’s the point.

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amiga-man1385d ago

A game every gamer deserves to play, your missing out if you don't

JackOfAllBlades1385d ago

Definitely, one of my top games of all time

XBLSkull1385d ago

I've been a little underwhelmed in my first play through. Probably about 2-3 hours in. Game is solid, I'd give it 8/10, but it is easily the most overrated game I've ever played. All of those GotY awards should have gone to GTAV.

DigitalRaptor1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

@ XBLSkull

Well, of course it's the most overrated game you've ever played…. ;)

Why GTAV though? It's a fantastic game, with fun, polished gameplay, interesting story and characters and a beautiful and detailed world, but when you boil it down, it's the same game as the rest of them.

The Last of Us has strong and subtle writing, lovely art direction and graphics, and gameplay (despite what people have claimed) that is like nothing else out there. It's not simply a third-person shooter. The contextual hand to hand combat is brutal, and no game has come before or since that feels so aggressive in the way that the world the game is set in demands of it.

Disagree all you want, but there's no way that GTA has more unique gameplay than TLOU. That game offered me n experience i'd never had before. Loved it for it, but GTAV felt like the same, prettier more polished GTA with updated Max Payne 3 mechanics.

Also, despite what people have claimed about TLOU being a generic zombie shooter, the background behind the outbreak, the infected and the general plot is absolutely refreshing and unique and based on scientific potential. Just listen to Angry Joe explain it better here at 2 minutes in:

And talking of Angry Joe, you know a game isn't overrated when he gives it a 10/10. He's balanced, harsh and fair on every game he reviews and if he gives the game "masterpiece" status, it's a masterpiece. If it was overrated, Joe would tell you it was, just like he did with Titanfall:

Specter2291385d ago

I played it all the way through plus the left behind dlc, and its a good game but I wish I'd rented it instead of bought it.