WWE 2K15: First in-game shots of Randy Orton ready to strike on PS4 and XBOX ONE

Earlier this week we got our very first glimpse of what WWE 2K15 is going to look like on current-gen hardware, and it sure was pretty. At least, about as pretty as John Cena grimacing in anger can be. I was pretty sure I spied Orton-butt in that picture, and lo and behold, that has been officially confirmed today with two screens of Orton in ring, ready to face off with John Cena.

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TheJacksonRGN1386d ago

The game is a work in progress, note the audience in the background.

snarls2001385d ago

was gonna say that myself

iNFAMOUZ11385d ago

well no sh** ^^, looks awesome, can't wait

Indo1385d ago

Im getting this. Last WWE game I got was the first Smackdown VS Raw

Cra2yey31385d ago

Mine was 2006, which was the one before that.

DarkOcelet1385d ago

I remember playing only 1 wwe game and that was on the ps1 era it was great , this one looks cool

1385d ago
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