FFXIV celebrates one year anniversary

FFXIV is launching a whole schedule of events and competitions to celebrate its one year anniversary. There will even be reprisals of old FFXIV events, giving players a chance to get exclusive items they thought they had missed!

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Finalfantasykid990d ago

They really turned things around with FFXIV!

Major_Glitch990d ago

Agreed. Square Enix really should be commended for turning things around with FFXIV instead of abandoning it like so many other devs might have. It's got great graphics, a good story, plenty of things to do, a steady stream of new content, and a healthy community. FFXIV is a damn good mmo, and I highly recommend people try it out.

MasterCornholio990d ago

I love this game. I highly reccomend it.

scark92990d ago

I have two of them (got them cheap and bought two for the 30 days extra) but I have not played it yet, completing a game first. Cannot wait

belac09990d ago

its my favorite game, i play it every minute im not working.