5 Games You Absolutely Need To Be Anticipating This Fall

Twinfinite discusses the five games that gamers should be looking at this Fall for the best chance at great entertainment

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Gozer1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Im interested in all those games except AC.

I might actually buy my first COD since the first MW. I like the actual next-gen graphics this COD has. Only thing I don't like is all the "futuristic" equipment, it just looks a little too "futuristic" to me.

Destiny is the game Im mostly hyped for. Enjoyed the beta. Ive been going through withdraw ever since. Luckily, I thought ahead enough to record about 3 hours worth of videos of everything from character creation for each class/race, to gameplay from every mission/game type/event available in the beta. It helps, and hurts at the same time. Pre=ordered yesterday, cant wait.

Dragon Age is a game I might buy. I love rpg's, and I liked DA:O. Will give it a try when EA Access makes it available for early download, plus Ill get a 10% discount, so there is that.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1444d ago

I'm anticipating Lords of the Fallen the most. All those other games you pretty much know how they'll be. The beta convinced me to get Destiny. Lords of the Fallen though seems like a Dark Souls game that's more my pace. Hope it turns out good. Soul series are some addictive and fun games that I'm just not patient enough to beat.

3-4-51444d ago

Cool list but I'm a bit annoyed with all these sites telling me what I "NEED" to be doing.

A bit bossy don't ya think?

levian1444d ago

Not only that but making you click through 5 different pages per entry. No thanks.

gangsta_red1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Out of that list only Dragon Age is appealing to me.

ShaqSoda1444d ago

1. Far Cry
2. Halo
3. Dragon Age

dota2champion1444d ago

Asaassins Creed and COD are the games I'm most likely looking forward to

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The story is too old to be commented.