Valve Games May Be Coming To Xbox One, May Use Dedicated Servers

Take this with a massive grain of salt but game enthusiasts have uncovered interesting findings.

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TheGreatGamer1444d ago

Even though this is listed as a rumor, the title is very misleading and clearly a clickbait title

gameseveryday1444d ago

The codes are listed in Valve's New Dota 2 Workshop tools. It explicitly states using Xbox, Dedicated servers. I am not sure how this is misleading.

Kayant1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

ekim - "edit: or these are all leftovers from Source 1 on Xbox360... Someone might check the respective files from S1?!"

edit: Noticed this file is old as hell. sorry

"I edited my post. I found that the file is old was already used in other games.

fakeedit: hm... now that I compare them, they seem quite different."

Server could be referring to the servers used for connecting to XBL. It's not like it would be using steam servers to setup/manage games on a closed platform.

It's is a bit misleading because this rumor was made today there has been enough time to read the thread and see it's not actually what you're trying to suggest.

Link to reticle 15th picture -


"Kayant those are completely different code, move on, your damage control knows no bounds. Not saying it is DEFINITELY happening, but that's why it is listed as a rumor." - Maybe you like to read the same thread this info is from and see that the reticle is the same from the orange box on x360, two it has been shown there is other bits of leftover code from source 1 elsewhere. But yh damage control in the face of evidence from the same source.... loool.

Eonjay1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I understand what you are saying and it makes complete sense. Its just that over the years, people have basically regarded all Valve rumors with a huge grain of salt due to their incredible unreliability nature. Unrequited Valve rumors have reached legendary status.

I don't think it is misleading at all, but we quite literally need an official statement from Gabe and nothing else will remove the skepticism that has become inherent with their properties.

Its like the Source Engine 2 stories. It seems very likely that it may have been released, but it is equally as likely that it has not.

So, you made the appropriate decision to list it as a Rumor.

... and given Kayant's revelations...

nicksetzer11444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Kayant those are completely different code, move on, your damage control knows no bounds. Not saying it is DEFINITELYor even probably happening, but that's why it is listed as a rumor.

gameseveryday1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )


First of all the rumor is not about the reticle. It's about Xbox references found in the Source 2 files.

The user clearly states this: "Disclaimer: some of them are leftovers from S1 but majority of the references in the engine2.dll are new."

Why o why1444d ago

If true then thats a great snag for microsoft on paper.

Wizard_King1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Key word there guys is MAY.

Won't happen unless Gabe fronts up the cash or the infrastructure.

HugoDrax1444d ago

It's not misleading Rashid, he only said it was misleading because he is a SONY FANBOY. Just look at his comment history, particular this comment lol....

"I heard a rumour that valve and sony were working on something, tf2 for ps4 maybe? #2
52d ago by TheGreatGamer | View comment

hahaha! so because he heard a rumor 52 days ago that Valve was working with Sony, he made the first comment and stated this article was VERY MISLEADING.

SH will confirm it in due time young x1 fanboy but digital foundry have always been correct on this stuff and seeming as the trailer said 'Captured on xbox one it would be foolish to not realize it's going to be sub-1080p. #18.1.1
95d ago by TheGreatGamer | View comment

Like I said he prefers Sony, thus why he called your article Misleading.

Gamer19821443d ago

Xbox servers are used for PC games aswell as xbox. This is probably coding ready for something similar.

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system221444d ago

how is it misleading? i read the article and didn't feel it misleading at all. at best lots of games are coming to xb1 and at worst only 1 is. either way it seems something valve is coming to xb1.

Baka-akaB1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

How is an article with "MAY" (twice at that) in the title be misleading ?

Usually it's crap like "Valve Games Coming To Xbox One, Will Use Dedicated Servers " , and the truth hidden within the article

Crazay1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Not a misleading article in the least. A rather interesting one in my opinion. I think that as a console gamer, this is potentially very encouraging. I mean - MS is obviously opening up a little to allow things like the EA Access and now perhaps they're opening up to Valve. They had a good working relationship before perhaps they're working on making it even stronger? Perhaps you'll be able to access Steam titles as well?

Good post.

1443d ago
Frogman1801444d ago

Hit disagree but meant to agree ;)
Maybe this will be shown at Gamescom MS has teased Big Suprises!

Tctczach1444d ago

Poor guy didn't see the code for Source 2.

FanboyKilla1444d ago

I dont care about anything but it being true. I can dream and hope cant i? Pleeease be true i miss valve.

reko1444d ago Show
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nicksetzer11444d ago

If DOTA, TF2, etc come to xb1 that will be huge. Hope it's true, wouldn't mind playing those games.

Hellsvacancy1444d ago

Same as that, that would be one feature I would be very envious of, unlike that EA Access bs

scark921444d ago

TF2 was on last gen consoles

nicksetzer11444d ago

Not standalone, and not F2P so had a much smaller following. In fact, it was almost impossible to find a game. (Even at/near launch)

Redgehammer1444d ago

Only barely in the sense of scale and scope; however, TF2 on the 360 is alive and well. We refer to it as TF2 classic, or gamers without hats.

Pandamobile1444d ago

I'm sure there's tens of people logging into TF2 on the Xbox 360 every day.

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r2oB1444d ago

@ nicksetzer1

Now FTP games are a big deal?

blackout1444d ago

If true then Microsoft has swallowed all of there pride and struck a major deal with VALVE. This could be MASSIVE.

DigitalRaptor1444d ago

Valve aren't the kind of company to do exclusive deals, especially not for Xbone considering what kind of console the PS4 is.

Andddddd turns out not to be true. Unsurprising.

AngelicIceDiamond1444d ago

@Raptor Its fine you flex the PS4 in all but if you flex that hard you may pull something.

Either way MS has something brewing. First EA access now Steam is quite possibly involved some how with MS somehow.

Gamescom is around the corner.

scark921444d ago

Also when I try to sign in to Steam, it asks whether if I want to sign in using my Playstation Account, so if this does happen, it would not be only Xbox One, but does not show evidence of PS4 afterall.

DigitalRaptor1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Oh man… yeah I completed forgot about that whole Steamworks integration with PSN.

Valve had issues with the PS3 in many regards, and as Sony's online network and developer tools got better, so did Valve's attitude towards that system, so much so that they included a free Steam code for Portal 2 in every PS3 box, and had Steamworks integration with the PS3 version.

My point really, is that PS4, to the average consumer and the discerning gamer, is in the exact position the 360 was last gen. PS4 stands for an approachable, easy to develop for platform with a brilliant online structure. Valve will not shun that, particularly if it's the console making the most money for the large publishers. Call that "flexing" - I call it being realistic.

We always hear rumours from enthusiastic gamers about what is coming for Xbone, and then it ends up either being untrue, or nothing particularly game-changing. Of course they have something brewing, but it's not exclusive deals with a company like Valve, and Steamworks on a console is nothing new and nothing that Valve would deny integrating with PSN.

ShowanW1444d ago

I gots my pinch of salt in me's hands...

But this is a very interesting discovery...

Maybe this is why MS isn't in a rush and trying to step on Valve/Steams toes on the pc front

SoapShoes1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I seriously doubt this means anything. This kind of thing has happened several times in the past where someone discovers something that means nothing.

ShowanW1444d ago

That's why I'm still pinching this salt :p