The Top 50 Games You Should Play before You Die

Twinfinite takes a look at a countdown of the top 50 games you should play before you die

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nippletwister1441d ago

Red Alert 3 was an insult to Westwood's legacy. I'm already not liking how the list will go with that. Should have put Red Alert 2 instead of it.

Genova841441d ago

Got to say that none of their first 10 games are must plays. I'd have to see the whole list to know if this is JUST a marketing ploy or if they're trying to be legit. Thinking the former.

Simco8761441d ago

Red Alert 3 wasn't THAT bad, but I'm sure RA2 will be higher on the list for sure.

BiggerBoss1441d ago

Red Alert 2 was freaking AWESOME. I had so much fun with that game.

billybehr1441d ago

Bugger that they're going to stretch the list out all month...