Review: Siesta Fiesta (Pure Nintendo)

Pure Nintendo: "Siesta Fiesta is a charming game all around and is one of my favorite 3DS titles despite the issues I had with the controls. This coming from someone who was initially skeptical based on the gameplay videos I had seen prior to its release. On top of everything else going for it, who could resist the tiny cheers coming from the cute, chunky Fiesta characters! Mojo Bones took the Breakout formula and turned it on its head. Not simply by copying what had been done in the past but rather adding their own unique style and blending it with some interesting mechanics. While the controls were not perfect, this game is not one that should be overlooked. Siesta Fiesta is a great game at an even more spectacular price. At $5.99 Siesta Fiesta is a highly polished and balanced experience that is a must have for anyone with a 3DS."

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