'Forza Horizon 2' has 'advantage' of being built ground up on Xbox One, says dev

Forza Horizon 2 Creative Director Ralph Fulton talked about the benefit he feels his team has gained from working on the Xbox One from the start, as well as how weather will ensure the Forza Horizon 2 driving experience is different every time.

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NeoGamer2321438d ago

I can't wait for this game!

- Full day and night cycles
- Open world
- First Forza to have weather
- Awesome graphics
- Hopefully killer soundtrack
- Drivatars
- And everything else that makes Forza Horizon amazing!

DougLord1438d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game as well, but I need them to give me the option to turn off weather effects. I don't want to drive at night, I don't want to drive in the rain, and I am SICK of sun glare in driving games making me unable to see what is rendered on 2/3rd of the screen. I always thought maybe they did this so they could avoid rendering anything at all.

Kiwi661437d ago

Then buy the 360 version instead then

redwin1438d ago

Will you be able to "pimp" your cars ? I would like that very much.

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Goku7811438d ago

The only advantage is that its exclusive. But the bad thing is hardly anyone wants an Xbox One.

ScorpiusX1438d ago

I have one and want another , like the white Xbox one being bundled with SSOD. So that pretty much null your statement.

marlinfan101438d ago

over 5 million people wanted it enough to buy one. i guess you're right though, thats hardly anyone

modesign1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

and over 9million people wanted a ps4, what does that say.

marlinfan101437d ago

Idk maybe that more people have wanted a ps4 so far. Whos talking about the ps4 though? Besides you that is. He said hardly anyones interested in xbox which isnt true. Does it make you feel better knowing ps4s selling more or something?

Spotie1437d ago

Where are you guys getting this 5 million from? Did Microsoft make a announcement I missed? Cuz the last specifically XB1 numbers I heard out of them said 4 million shipped. And numbers haven't exactly been stellar since then.

marlinfan101437d ago

Phil harrison said a couple weeks back theyre just north of 5 million

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Animal Mutha 761437d ago

Rubbish. Its a good console and improving all the time. Horizon 2 will sell bucket loads mark my words.

strangeaeon1437d ago

Here's hoping Goku is restricted from commenting soon. OT I normally do not buy racers but I now have FH2 pre ordered.

GearSkiN1437d ago

So ps4 is selling like hot cakes and xbox one is also selling millions... How's that hardly anyone?

Yetter1437d ago

If you spend all your time on N4G that is certainly the impression you get. In the real world though, I know plenty of people on 360 who will be upgrading to the XB1 soon. PS4 hasn't even crossed their minds

Tito081436d ago

Yeah, in the real little world you live in, nice try though..

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Software_Lover1438d ago

uh ok. Most exclusives have that ADVANTAGE so?

Lenrulesdaworld1437d ago

I think this is reference to the 360, being its not being built on both by the same dev team. So instead of say the game had to be diverse enough to be ported down, they can use the full hardware to make the game since it's version is exclusive to the xbox one.

pastysmash1438d ago

It has more to offer in terms of features and car selection than Driveclub. It also runs at 1080p, 30fps as does Driveclub.

I'll take a better game overall other than better rain effects on cars....

Master-H1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

Drive Club also has way more car details, the graphics is miles better than Forza Horizon 2, plus both are different type of racers.

By the way regarding that more cars > less cars , i wonder if you follow the same logic when you compare between FORZA and GT last gen and in the future since Gt always has waay more cars and tracks...

And what about Project Gotham Racing ? that was a similar game to Drive Club, circuit racing ,no customization and less cars , did you compare that to GT or FORZA too and decided it isn't worth it in the past even tho a lot of people loved that game ??? really curios

Elit3Nick1437d ago

Driveclub runs about 250K polygons per car, FH2, judging from the upclose screenshots have the same amount of polygons per car as FM5, which is about 800K. You're honestly fooling yourself if you think anyone can outdo Turn10 in attention to detail, as evidenced by AutoVista in FM5.

As for the FM vs GT argument, you realize how many cars in GT are duplicates right? FM4 beats GT6 in number of different cars.

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