No Man's Sky co-creator on game costs: Content expenses are 'the real problem'

At the AAA level, taking high-level risk is not a frequent occurrence in the gaming industry. As a result, it forces the innovations or new ideas to be a lot smaller, versus completely stepping outside of a formula that has already been proven. No Man's Sky Co-Creator Sean Murray discussed where the true problem in game development cost lies.

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NeoGamer2321384d ago

Content creation is expensive because that is what makes each game unique. Any team can grab the unreal engine and create something. Only a few teams create content working in the engine that is truly impressive.

I am glad that they say content is where the cost is. That to me means the games industry is efficient.

uth111384d ago

I still think there's a lot of coding that goes into games.

But there is just so much content in many games these days it blows my mind. It's obvious that's where the cost is.

kalkano1384d ago

I don't understand this comment. With a few exceptions (Elder Scrolls), games these days have a fraction of the content of generations past. Most games these days are somewhere around 5 hours long, if that.

DanteVFenris6661384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

The cost is in the workers not the tech. For an indie studio costs are low not because there aren't using the latest tech, they ussually are but it's simply because they have less employees

So this is an obvious statement, more employees=greater cost=more content

ChronoJoe1384d ago

It really depends on your game. Puzzle games are great, but their cost isn't going to be on content, it's liable to be coding, because the focus of the game is mechanical rather than content-based.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that, obviously every game is different so subsequently is going to have different expenditure and resource distribution.

It's easy to see why for No Mans Sky, and indeed for a lot of AAA games why content (ie modelling assets etc) would be the where most of their resources are distributed.

HanzoHattori1384d ago

I haven't seen any information saying that this game is coming to Xbox One. Am I mistaken in assuming that it's not?

DougLord1384d ago

Procedurally generated means everything will look like it's made from a handful of parts stuck together randomly even if they look retarded that way. We have seen it hundreds of times. You want quality you have to limit scope and or bring in the modern to make content. Just look at EL and compare Dagger fall to Skyrim. Each world got smaller and higher quality / less install travel. Or go the route of Spore and fill the world with user made content.

kalkano1384d ago

You're right, to a point. It's not fair to compare a new game to a game made 18 years ago. Obviously, they can do a better job of it these days. The question is, how much better?

iceman061384d ago

I understand what you are saying. But, you can put limits and restrictions on procedural generation. So, setting parameters can allow for better control of results. It doesn't just have to allow any and everything to be mashed make level. I'm interested to see just how well this comes together.

TheTowelBoy1384d ago

That is interesting coming from a game like this. That means it's not all random stuff that's generated from the engine procedurally. Awesome news, actually :)

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