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Lee Garbutt: "From the get-go, there is an instant feeling of familiarity as we’re reintroduced to the titular character. Ultimately, our heroine is once again fighting the demons and angels that reside in various planes of existence, namely Paradiso, Purgatoria, and Inferno. All you need to know is that the fighting is as manic as before, while the extravagant set pieces are even more absurd right from the very start. Within those initial chapters I fought demons on skyscrapers, angels on fast-moving trains, and even on top of fighter jets in the middle of a city. I imagine these early stages are a good primer for a clear escalation of the absolutely mad action that will no doubt pervade the rest of the game."

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Segata1351d ago

My most wanted game this year.

Locknuts1351d ago

I was going to disagree, but then realised my other most wanted games are now 2015 :(

Agree for you.

WhiteSpyderZero1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Then you've got an agonising wait ahead! Luckily, we're going to have plenty more coverage to tide you over 'til October :)

TekoIie1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

A lot of previews being released right now. Hopefully this means a more specific western release date will be announced soon :)

jcnba281351d ago

It's being released in October Nintendo just haven't given an exact date yet.

Locknuts1351d ago

Kind of boring preview for such an awesome looking game.