The Future of Souls – Lords of the Fallen vs Bloodborne

You may have faced the worst of Boletaria, you may have become one with the lores of Lordran, you must have travelled north on one rainy night and took down the whole of Drangleic, but it isn’t over yet for the Souls miasma. In fact, the two most anticipated games that fall right into my review wish list are Deck13/CI Games’ Lords of the Fallen and Hidetaka Miyazaki’s glorious return to the next gen in the form of FROM Software’s Bloodborne. - iLLGaming

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ZodTheRipper1505d ago

Lords Of The Fallen seems like a Souls game for casuals, after watching quite a few gameplay demonstrations my interest vanished a bit. I might check it out but I'll wait for reviews with this one.
Bloodborne on the other hand seems like an interesting evolution to the Souls gameplay and since Miyazaki himself is directing it I'd say it's one of the most promising games in development right now. That leaked trailer still gives me the shivers even after watching it for the 10th time
Hopefully we'll get a proper glimpse of the latest build at Gamescom.

jakmckratos1504d ago

Thanks for sharing that video...I think both games look good but definitely more excited for Bloodborne...Idk why but it reminds me of a really mature PS4 Medievil...

Palitera1504d ago

The companies making Lords of the Fallen only made absurdly terrible games already. This doesnt mean it will be bad, but anyone thinking about preordering it should really consider their history...

cpayne931504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Thanks for saying that I just looked that up. I haven't even heard of lords of the fallen until now, and although the company's past games are terrible, I'll still keep my eye on it. Would love another souls-ish sort of game. It looks pretty good judging from some gameplay videos, although not demons/dark souls level.

danthegamerfiend1504d ago

@zodtheripper hey thanks for posting that man. Big souls fan here and when I heard legends of the fallen is a easier game I kinda got turned away from that. But bloodborne looks very promising

DVAcme1504d ago

So I can play a Souls ripoff done by a development studio with a shitty track record, or I can play THE REAL DEAL.

Decisions decisions...

dafegamer1504d ago

lords of the fallen and the future of souls in one sentence?

jholden32491504d ago

Say what you will, but I'm sorry Lords of the Fallen looks WAY more interesting. It's got it's own flair, and I like that. Blood borne just looks too gothic and over the top gore. That's a major turnoff. Not just that, but Lords of the Fallen actually looks way funner than any Dark Souls game.

dafegamer1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Nope. there is only disappointment when you compare an unknown IP to an established IP, Haze the "Halo killer" says hi

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